13 unbelievable ‘sex with a stranger’ confessions


“She told me she loved my accent, and just pounced in for a kiss.”

Sex with a stranger is quite a common fantasy, but what’s it like IRL? Here are 13 people who hooked up with complete randoms, and this is what happened when they did…

1.”Met a girl at a Peruvian bar. She grabbed me and we got into a cab. Couldn’t find her hotel, so she wandered into a construction site and fucked on a drafting table on the unfinished third story, as the sun rose.” [via]

Sex with stranger stories

2.”One of my best friends was getting married and it was a ‘destination’ wedding of sorts. It wasn’t in town so they rented a couple of floors at the hotel in the middle of nowhere. I was one of five groomsmen with an equal number of bridesmaids. After everything died down and people were headed to their rooms, opportunity struck. I was in the lift with another guy and one of the bridesmaids stepped into the lift. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, ‘I forgot to book a room for the night so I’m not sure where I’m staying tonight’. I didn’t even know this girl’s name yet. All I knew was she went to uni with the bride, and was a bridesmaid.

“We ended up fucking, falling asleep, fucking again”

“I said to her, ‘Well, I’m headed to the store to get some beer. Here’s my spare key’ and tossed the card to her. ‘Room 327,’ without breaking eye contact. She bit her lip, got off on floor three, I grabbed a case with my friend at the store, and came back to the room. I honestly expected to find it empty. But, there she was. Naked. Spread out on my bed. And it was glorious. We ended up fucking, falling asleep, fucking again. Woke up in the morning, shared some small talk, left to drive home, and never saw her again. And, I still have no idea what her name is.” [via]

3.”Was partying with an old uni buddy. She brought a friend whose name I can’t remember but literally the first thought I had was ‘I’m going to have sex with her’. Drank for a little bit before she started rubbing my dick through my jeans and pulled me into the bathroom. She bent over, hiked up her skirt and guided my dick inside. It was amazing and she felt incredible. A solid fiver before I busted a nut in the sink and we went back to the bar to get a drink.” [via]

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4.”As a Brit studying in the USA, I went to a frat party and was on the top floor of this house just taking a breather – the floor was empty because it was being refurbished after a fire. This young girl comes up for the same reason and we start chatting. She told me she loved my accent and just pounced in for a kiss. We ended up fucking on the floor.” [via]

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5.”Was travelling with relatives to visit family over the holidays. It was a red eye flight, so the airport terminal was really empty. I go to take a piss, and there’s a janitor (handsome). He and I start talking, about family, holidays, and I keep thinking how it’s weird for two male strangers to just talk in a bathroom. I have this urge to hug him for talking to me, and I do. We part but we keep our arms on each others arms. He smiles and to give me a hint, and just looks me up and down. He walks out, and I know he wants me to follow. I tell my family that I’m going to walk around. He leads me to a janitor’s closet with metal racks and cleaning supplies. Omitting the most vulgar of details, he basically gave me quite a ride. [I] didn’t even realise I spent 30 minutes in there with him. I explained it away as getting lost. So yeah, holiday spirit is a good thing.” [via]

6.”Reading Festival. Saw a stranger in the crowd walking between stages. [I was] kinda pissed. I walked up to her and just kissed her. I followed her to her tent. [It was a] good 40 minute fuck. I left. No words were exchanged.” [via]

7.”Had to wait for a night bus in London to get home after a work night out. The bus was delayed and these two uni students were also stranded. I got talking to them, and they asked if I wanted to go to their friend’s place and get stoned. I got baked on top of being insanely drunk, and fucked them both. Woke up the next morning bollock naked on her floor with a condom stuck to my leg. Peeled it off, took it with me and left without disturbing them – they were both cuddled together in bed. Got to the tube to work. Had the smuggest fucking grin on my face all day.” [via]

8.”Gay friend in university was hanging out with a few other gay dudes and a girl from out of town that just broke up with her boyfriend. Got a text from him saying, ‘There’s a girl here that just needs rebound sex and we’re all gay’. I thought he was drunk and messing with me, but no, it was all true. I showed up, it was awkward as hell, but we did have some awkward as hell sex, which was still good for me at the time.” [via]

9.”I was at a punk show but I had seen the band many times by this point, so I was hanging out in the bar. A slightly older gal was looking awkward and alone so I started making small talk and she said she used to go to punk shows all the time when she was young but got married and had kids and crap. She goes on to tell me how she got divorced and this was her first time out since. So, being the gentleman I am, I asked if she wanted to go somewhere more private. We ended up banging behind some church she said her family attended down the street – and afterwards we parted ways never to see each other again.” [via]

10.”I moved in about a week before most everyone else for some end-of-summer program. The bed in my dorm was broken and I needed to sleep somewhere else until maintenance fixed it. I ended up sleeping in the dorm of someone else in the program, as her roommate had dropped out like a day before and she had an empty bed. This girl’s friend also stayed over, and we slept in the same bed.

“It was an interesting first three days of college”

“Things led to things, and we hooked up in the same room as the girl whose dorm it was. Next night, I stayed in the room of the girl I hooked up with and we hooked up again. Then I stayed in the dorm of the first girl again and we ended up hooking up… It was an interesting first three days of college.” [via]

11. “I was at a bar at happy hour. A couple of beers in, while standing with my back to a couple of women, a red high heel slide up the inside of my thigh, heel up/toe down. I just watched as it slid all the way up and rubbed the boys. I turn around and so did she. First words spoken were hers, ‘Would you please fuck me?’ I did… I never saw her again.” [via]

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12.”I was volunteering for a few hours at a place a cute guy worked. As soon as I saw him I was floored, and sort of gave him a shy smile that he returned. The entire time I was volunteering we exchanged flirty glances. Afterwards we’re packing up our table and he comes over, makes some small talk, and mentions he gets off soon. I say an, ‘oh really?’ and he does this suggestive eyebrow raise and shrug, and it all goes from there. I wait for him by his car, we go back to his and do some good fucking, then we get food.” [via]

13.”I was fifth wheeling at a comic convention with two friendly couples, and I got annoyed by them making out. So I grabbed a random guy passing by and started making out with him. We got super into it and banged in the toilet. I’ve never seen him again, and have no idea what his name was. Plot twist: I’m a guy.” [via]

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