Behind The Scenes: Actors With Their Stunt Doubles


Every year it seems like new movies are breaking records at the box office. Many times, it’s not actually the actors doing all the legwork, but a stunt double instead. To prevent putting the actors in dangerous situations, it’s up to the filmmakers to find someone convincing.

The stunt doubles might end up looking nothing like the actor, but if they’re only seen from behind, then all they need is a similar size, shape, and hairstyle. These stunt doubles here don’t all look like the actor they’re playing, but you can still see where the comparisons lie.

Andrew Garfield

When you’re playing a superhero whose face is covered half the time, finding a suitable stunt double shouldn’t be too hard. During Andrew Garfield’s run as Spider-Man between 2012-14, several of his action scenes were played by William Spencer. Given the character was never unmasked when swinging between buildings and fighting the bad guys, all Spencer really needed was to have a similar build to Garfield. From the looks of it, the pair have been hitting the same gym because their bodies are near identical.

Andrew Garfield

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