Beyoncé robbed of million-dollar worth luxury items


Beyoncé has been the victim of not just one but two robberies this month. The Grammy winner was targeted by thieves in the Los Angeles area, who stole $1 million worth of exclusive items.

The 39-year-old singer reportedly rented three storage units under the production company name Parkwood Entertainment, and following the first robbery of one of the units in early March, the thieves burglarized two more units.

The three storage units contained expensive gowns, designer handbags, kids toys, and personal photos, some of those belonged to Beyoncé’s stylist.

Beyonce smiling for the camera: BET Awards 2020While the Los Angeles police department has been notified and are investigating the crime, no arrests have been made so far.

And although there’s no details about the dresses obtained in the theft, online users have already speculated and joked as to what could possibly be in the units.

This is not the first robbery that has been reported among celebrity properties, with Miley Cyrus also being the victim of a robbery in January.

Kim Kardashian’s dangerous trespasser in her California mansion also had the LAPD alerted.

Billie Eilish requested a restriction order against an alleged stalker who sent disturbing death threats to her home, and Johnny Depp’s had two trespassing attempts to his Hollywood Hills home, with an arrest made after the police found an individual taking a shower in one of the bathrooms.

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