BMW XM Pickup Rendering

Perhaps the XM should’ve been a truck all along?

These days, it seems like the term polarizing is constantly popping up when talking about new BMWs. With its bronze trim, complex front fascia, and supersized proportions, the new XM certainly fits that definition. It’s a three-ton, high-performance SUV, but perhaps it should’ve been a pickup truck.

A new rendering from X-Tomi Design offers a taste of how such a thing might look. And you know what? It’s not terrible. Full-size pickup trucks have certainly grown over the years, both in capability and over-the-top designs with massive grilles and chiseled faces. The BMW XM shares the same wheelbase as the company’s three-row X7 SUV, so it’s not small. And judging by the 70-plus comments on our BMW XM debut post, most Motor1 readers are not exactly fond of how it looks. That’s putting it mildly, too.