Ed Sheeran reportedly paid himself a whopping £21.35 million last year from his company



English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran reportedly paid himself a cool £21.35 million last year from his company Ed Sheeran Limited.


According to MailOnline, the payout was more than double the £10 million he paid himself in dividend payouts from the company.


Accounts seen by publication revealed that in the last three years the Shape of You singer has made £112.4 million pounds, which includes £31.7 million he made last year.


After dividend payouts and other costs are taken into account, Ed still has reserves of £26.6 million in the company. The money does not include Ed’s tour earnings but focusses on ‘writing recording and production of music’.


The report said the company performed so well it had a £4.4 million UK corporation tax bill.


It was also stated in the report that Ed has a separate company which manages his tour earnings which generated more than £180 million in its last two years.


It comes after it was revealed Ed’s property empire accounts surpass £38million, according to the latest figures.


Ed, who is estimated to have a portfolio worth a staggering £65million, has been hit by the pandemic with his pub and restaurant in Notting Hill, Bertie Blossoms, making a loss of nearly £1.2million.


In documents seen by MailOnline, Ed’s Maverick Properties Ltd has £35,769,804 in assets, after he added £3.012m worth of property.

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