Elon Musk accused of having ‘s3x with SpaceX employee’ and asking another staff member to have his babies



Elon Musk accused of having


Billionaire tech boss, Elon Musk has been accused of having sexual relationships with a SpaceX executive and a former intern as well as asking another staff member to have his babies.


The Wall St Journal alleges Mr Musk, 52, was involved with an intern 20 years his junior and tried to rekindle the romance when she formally joined the firm.


He allegedly flew her to Sicily in Italy, where he was attending an exclusive Google conference.


In 2017, Mr Musk got in touch again to offer the woman a full-time job at SpaceX where she would identify problems at the company. The Journal claimed he invited her for drinks and touched her breasts.


He supposedly said: ‘Oh I’m so bad. I shouldn’t be doing this’.


In an affidavit provided to the Journal from the woman, she said she rejected his advances. But one of her friends said he would still ‘text her a lot’ and once invited her to his home.


In the intern’s affidavit, she said there was no ‘romantic relationship’ during her time at SpaceX and he was never ‘predatory’.


Mr Musk is also accused of repeatedly asking another female employee to have children with him before she received a £780,000 payoff and left the firm in 2013.


It is additionally alleged Mr Musk had a relationship with a female SpaceX executive in 2014 when he was separated but not divorced at the time from now ex-wife Talulah Riley.


He approached the woman, who was working directly for him and putting in 17-hour days.


Mr. Musk allegedly asked her to join him for a drink at his mansion in Bel-Air and praised her for having ‘beauty and brains’.


The Journal reports they had sex and the next morning he promised the woman Tesla stock. But she is said to have begun to feel used and negotiated an £66,000 exit package from SpaceX.


The three allegations follow claims that in 2016 Mr Musk, who is worth at least £160billion, propositioned a flight attendant for sex by offering to buy her a horse.


She was one of several former employees who have said Mr Musk – who founded Tesla, SpaceX and now owns X, made advances towards them or gave them undue attention.


Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s chief operating officer, said the Journal’s reporting painted a ‘completely misleading narrative’.

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