Fans alter Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Wikipedia page to name him owner of Manchester United a day after the billionaire expressed his desire to buy the club (photo)



Eager Manchester United fans have tweaked British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Wikipedia page to incorrectly name him as owner of the club.

Ratcliffe, the billionaire owner of chemicals company Ineos, on Wednesday, August 17 announced plans to take over at Old Trafford amid calls for current owners, the Glazers, to depart.


Eager fans tweak Sir Jim Ratcliffe

The Glazers have faced protests from supporters ever since their arrival in 2005 over financial constraints they have placed on the club, while withdrawing millions of pounds in dividends payments for their own personal profit.

Coupled with Manchester United’s dismal start to the season, the pressure on their unpopular owners to sell the club has increased.


The club’s supporters have now taken their eagerness to another level  as they have doctored the Wikipedia page of the 69-year-old.

After being tweaked by an eager fan, Ratcliffe’s occupation on Wikipedia briefly read: ‘Chairman and CEO, Owner of Manchester United’ before being swiftly deleted.


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