Will Smith standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera: Will Smith Political Office Will Smith Political Office


On the new episode of Crooked Media’s Pod Save America podcast, the movie star opened up about the possibility of running for political office at some point in the future.

“I think for now I’ll let that office get cleaned up a little bit and then I’ll consider that at some point down the line,” he said. “I absolutely have an opinion, I’m optimistic, I’m hopeful, I believe in understanding between people and I believe in the possibility of harmony. I will certainly do my part, whether it remains artistic or, at some point, ventures into the political arena.”

Smith appeared on the podcast to promote his new Netflix docuseries Amend: The Fight for America, which explores the 14th Amendment and constitutional equality.

“The 14th Amendment is essentially the center of what we think of when we think of ourselves as Americans,” the actor said. “The 14th Amendment is like the all-inclusive amendment that makes clear that all Americans are equal under the law.”

Smith went on to open up about combating racism in America, pointing out the “difference between ignorance and evil.”

“Now they’re twins, for sure, but ignorance can be educated and evil is a much more difficult problem,” he said. “I’ve always been encouraged that the process of education and understanding could alleviate some of the more dangerous and difficult aspects of racism that have unfortunately been embedded in the very fibers of our country.”

Smith isn’t the only star to tease a future in politics. Just last month, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he “would consider a presidential run in the future if that’s what the people wanted.”