How Brad Pitt Feels About Nicole Poturalski’s Angelina Jolie Comment


In case you somehow missed it due to shipping Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt (it’s never gonna happen, people), Brad is currently dating a model named Nicole Poturalski who, yeah, looks a lot like Angelina Jolie. And speaking of Angie, Nicole recently responded to claims that she “hates” Brad’s ex, and apparently the actor isn’t upset about it at all. Which, yeah, why would he be?

According to an Us Weekly source, Brad was not “angry or upset Nicole made a remark about “happy people don’t hate,'” and he simply doesn’t want to get bogged down in drama. “For it to become this thing that suddenly everyone was talking about should have been surprising to Brad,” the source said. “At this time in his life, Brad is just happy that he has found someone that makes him feel cherished and loved.”

Sources also told Us Weekly, “It’s doubtful Brad will ever get married again,” and he is “realistic about the relationship” since Nicole “lives in Germany” and he “has a very complicated family situation that he is trying to get sorted out.”

As a reminder, Nicole’s “happy people don’t hate” musing was in response to an Instagram follower who hopped into her comments and wrote, “If so, then why you & Brad hate Angelina? Practice what you preach, girl.”

In conclusion: everyone loves Angelina Jolie, even Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, the end.


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