How Dating Another Man While Pregnant Helped Woman Save Her Marriage With Husband

  • Alexis Watts and her husband, Christopher, are in a polyamorous relationship, and they both relish having other partners
  • The two boast three children, and while Alexis is dating another married man, Christopher has been having relationships with other women
  • The mom of three insists that love polyamory is not about just sleeping together but about deep relationships

A polyamorous woman, Alexis Watts, declared that her open relationship with both husband and boyfriend helped her marriage become stronger.

Alexis and Christopher with their children. Photo: New York Post. Source: UGC

Alexis and Christopher with their children. Photo: New York Post. 

What is polyamory?

According to Healthline, polyamory is a non-monogamous relationship style where people mutually agree to have multiple sexual or romantic relationships.

The 28-year-old pregnant woman from California met her husband, Christopher, at an event where couples exchange partners; her first marriage had broken down.

According to the beauty, something was missing from her first relationship., so when she met Christopher, they agreed to date other people; her boyfriend meets the needs her husband can’t

‘In fact, we didn’t sleep together for a very long time because our emotional connection was so strong,” she said.

According to the Mail Online, the mental health therapist wants people to know that polyamory is not about intimacy.

‘People think polyamory is about intimacy, but it isn’t; it’s about relationships and having more love to give,’ she said.

Alexis says they want consenting adults

‘We’re not walking around in red heels and lipstick trying to take your partner, we only want consenting parties. She claimed that her lack of monogamy has strengthened her relationship,” she added.

Alxedis’s boyfriend is a therapist, and they, therefore, have deeper conversations.

Alexis admitted that although she and Christopher get jealous of their partners sometimes, the emotion has only ‘made them grow’ in the long run.

She shared: ‘We get jealous, we’re human and it’s a natural emotion. It doesn’t have to be a bitter and defensive emotion; it’s how you deal with it that’s important.”

“It’s made us grow as we learn how to communicate around it. Identifying what makes you jealous and what you need from your partner is essential. It’s quite therapeutic,” she continued.

Christopher and Alexis. Photo: New York Post. Source: UGC

Christopher and Alexis. Photo: New York Post. 

Christopher has a girlfriend

Christopher is currently casually dating but doesn’t have a long-term partner yet.

Although they are in open relationships, the duo stated that their family will always come first and that they are not planning on having children with any other partners. They may have a ‘wife’ in their home who they both date at some point.

Alexis’ boyfriend is also married to another woman, and he and his wife have relationships with Alexis’ kids.

She added: ‘My boyfriend is involved in my kid’s lives but isn’t responsible for them, he’s more like a fun uncle. Even his wife loves my kids and helps us look after them; she’s so excited when I bring them round.

The couple doesn’t have kids yet, but Alexis promised to help when the kids come.

‘We’re like a huge family so the added support that comes with polyamory makes the pregnancy easier,” said the mom of three.

Alexis often tries to use her social media to educate others about her unusual lifestyle.

“I get a lot of comments and questions about the lifestyle. Some people are judgmental, but it’s because they don’t understand what polyamory is. I always respond with kindness and encourage people to ask questions in a polite way,” she said.

“I lost one set of grandparents, but that wasn’t due to polyamory; it was because my husband is black. We want to teach others about the lifestyle and make it more accepted,” she added.

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