How my son contracted COVID19 last term – Comedian, Owen Gee reveals


kicks against reopening of schools

My son contracted COVID19 last term - Comedian, Owen Gee reveals as he kicks against reopening of schools

Comedian, Owen Osamwengie aka Owen Gee, has shared the story of how his nine-year-old son contracted the novel Coronavirus while in school last term.

Owen Gee who is against the reopening of schools disclosed his family’s experience with the viral disease in an interview with Punch.

The comedian said him, his wife, and his first son got infected with covid while looking after his second son who got diagnosed with the viral disease.


“I have two kids, one is in primary while the other is in secondary school. Last term, one of my kids came home ill and was sick for a while. We kept treating him for malaria but to no avail. We treated him for two weeks till he lost his senses of smell and taste. He had body aches and was excessively weak. It was at that point we discovered he had contracted COVID-19. He was about nine years old at the time.

My wife and I started taking care of him because we could not abandon him, he is our son. In the process of taking care of him, my wife and I also contracted the virus. It was a war for us, later on, his elder brother contracted the virus,” the comedian said.

Speaking further, Owen Gee said

“I couldn’t be separated from my family because going to an isolation centre will mean separating us. The psychological damage alone was something else.

We became a family of four with COVID. We had it at different times so for over a month, we battled with the deadly ailment. It cost a fortune aside the fact that I also got help from well-meaning friends who had contracted it. Some friends also helped in terms of medication and support.”

Owen Gee kicked against the government’s decision to reopen schools despite the second wave of the pandemic in the country.

“With the rate at which the figures are going up, give me a reason why they want the schools to reopen?

In light of what we have faced, I have asked my children to stay at home. Their lives mean more to me than their education. A lot of countries are on lockdown, they are not bothered if their children will go to the next class or not. Nigeria is not the most developed country in the world. We should not act as if education is a do or die affair. We are talking about a virus.

A bucket of water outside the school and hand sanitiser is not enough to prevent children from getting the virus. Because we all have different immunities, I cannot risk the life of my child. I do not support the resumption of schools.”he said

by Linda Ikeji at 18/01/2021 11:05 PM
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nelson adejayan about 7 hours ago

True talk Owen Gee!

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Anonymous about 6 hours ago

They dont need to send those poor kids to school. They only need to invest in online learning and buy laptops for every child to use. But No they would rather squander the money amongst themselves. My kids have been in school since August learning and submitting all assignments online. Their laptops were provided by the school. The only thing I provide is the internet. Its so sad the disparity between kids in the developed world and in Nigeria.

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Black Superman about 7 hours ago

Just say no money for school fees yet. Adults have been contracting the virus but churches, mosques, offices, markets are still open.

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Maslow about 6 hours ago

You talk about money for school fees. Which is laughable. The supposed adult you are referring to many had contracted and are dealing with it privately. Na who e affect that one be him cross. Private isolation centers charges are more than any fees you can imagine. He has gone through it and is paranoid. So will anyone that has suffered an episode of the symptoms of Covid.

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Anonymous about 7 hours ago

Tell them oh. Wicked government my children are going nowhere

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Sunday Daniel about 7 hours ago

Covid abi maleria parasite???

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Anonymous about 6 hours ago

I feel your pain. Government’s hands are tied because damned if they announce reopening and damned if they don’t. The Nigerian Public is largely unreasonable and unreasoning and will begin to lay unprecedented curses without thinking about the consequences of reopening!

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