How to Become a Model.


Many Nigerian girls like girls across the world want to be models. How do you become a model? What does it take to be successful? We explore these and many more topics in our series on modeling.

The first step is find an agent to represent you. As part of preparing to meet with that agency, you must look the part. How do you look the part?

Hair: Lose the wig, weave or whatever hair extensions you have. Keep your hair clean, moisturized, shiny and most importantly, natural. If you have long hair, pull everything off your face so your facial bone structure can be noticed.

Dress: For your “interview” i.e. open call or model search, dress appropriately for your age. Clothes should be clean and fitted NOT tight. A fitted jeans or above the knee skirt with a fitted basic t-shirt and flat comfortable shoes are all you need. Take your heels in your bag so you can use them when you get to the agency and they ask you to walk.

Face: Keep makeup very natural. Your face is a canvas for model agencies to visualize the many things they can do with you. Keep it clean. Avoid wearing makeup if you can and if you must, keep it very natural. Simple lip gloss is fine and if you must, mascara.

Take your Photos: Two polaroid photos are good. You do not need to spend any money on a portfolio. If an agency chooses you, that will be their job to build your portfolio (your book with professional images of you to show the agency’s potential clients) and composite card for you. Take snapshots of your head (2 is enough) and a full body image (2 -3). Be prepared to provide information on your measurements: hip, waist, bust, shoe size, eye and hair color. Voila you are ready!

Go to an agency Open call: Research when agencies are having an open call and show up. There are many agencies in and out of Nigeria include Isis Modeling Agency (Nigeria), Ice Model Management (South Africa), O Models (South Africa) and a whole host of other agencies that available at your fingertips through google. For models who will work in the USA, some names to check out include Elite Model, Next Model Management, Ford Models & Wilhelmina Models.

Now you are on your way to becoming a model. Good luck!

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