I’ve fallen for my best friend’s husband after we had wild sex together

I’ve fallen for my best friend’s husband after we had wild sex together

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I HAD crazy, drunken sex with my best friend’s husband . . . and now I have fallen for him.

My partner is 44 but has lost all interest in sex. We have been together for 12 years although he is still married to his first wife.

 The sex we've had has been amazing

The sex we’ve had has been amazing

My best friend and her husband renovate houses. She and I are 42 and went to school together. Her husband is 47. He’s always been a complete womaniser.

They bought a new property to do up and I’d told them we’d rent it from them. My partner is still shelling out for his kids, his wife and his old house. My friend allowed me to choose tiles for the kitchen and bathroom and carpets too.

In the process, I got to know my friend’s husband fairly well. He was still the big flirt he’d always been but I’d roll my eyes and ignore his sexy comments. My partner was working on moving day, so I only had my “man with a van” to help.

My friend’s husband showed up with bottles of wine and told me he would lend a hand. When all the unloading was done and the removal guy left, he opened the first bottle and poured the wine into paper cups.

 We try and have sex whenever we can

We try and have sex whenever we can

We had both worked up a thirst and were soon on to the second bottle. We went to toast one another but I stepped back and almost fell into a box behind me.
My friend’s husband grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him to break my fall. I could feel his warm breath against me when he said: “That was a close one.” I looked up and he kissed me. He smelled so good and I actually felt attractive again.

We went upstairs and christened the new carpet by having sex on it. He made me feel alive. He left not long afterwards but now we have sex whenever we can. I know he sees it as just sex but I have feelings for him.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This can only go one way – a catastrophe with your best friend, never mind your partner, when they find out, which they will if you let this continue.

This guy is never going to leave your friend so don’t settle for empty, dead-end sex with somebody using you as his bit on the side. If you are rumbled, you may lose your new home.


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