Learn to make Semovita locally At Home Using These Two Ingredients.

But mind you, don,t try this at home if you are not a careful person.


Semovita is one of the popular swallow food in Nigeria, all the three tribes in Nigeria love delicious meal especially when served with Nigeria Soup. This Popular food is always served with vegetable soup.

What is semovita really made of, it’s made of Two Main ingredients which are:

1. Dried corn

2. Dried cassava

Stop spending money on semovita, you can make your ownSemovitawith little money. I will teach you on how to make your own Semovita with these two ingredients, which are cassava flour and corn flour.


1. Pick the dirty particles in the dry corn

2. Ground it until its smooth.

3. Ground the cassava flour until its smooth.

4. After Grounding the cassava flour and the Corn. Sieve both cassava and corn into different bowls.

5. After sieving it, pour half kg of cassava into the 1kg of maize flour.

6. Then you can mix them together.

Your semovita is ready to be served.

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