Mercedes CLS And Rolls-Royce Ghost Hearses Are Posh Rides To The Afterlife


The Maserati Grecale GT has also been converted for that inevitable final journey.

The adage about death and taxes being inevitable is as relevant as ever. While some do manage to cheat on their taxes and get away with it, they can’t escape the Grim Reaper. When that ill-fated encounter happens, why not go out in style with a luxury hearse? Italian company Biemme specializes in converting posh models for rides to the afterlife, and some of the conversions are pretty darned interesting. And by that, we mean weird.

Dubbed “Aymon,” the Mercedes CLS has received the funeral vehicle treatment. Ironically, the CLS itself is dead as production ended in August. It keeps the rear seats and doors while adding a huge coffin compartment with a shatterproof divider. Biemme says it also beefed up the body structure with external moldings and stainless steel. It installed a glass rear door and even kept the spare wheel.

For an even more sumptuous final ride, there’s also a Rolls-Royce Ghost conversion, complete with the majestic V12 engine. It’s oddly known as the “Ghoster” and retains the suicide door providing access to the rear seats. It too gets an expansive greenhouse while the coffin compartment makes generous use of wood and has customizable LED lighting. Biemme installs an electrically operated lift system that can be controlled remotely.

The Jaguar XF and Mercedes E-Class are other sedans that have been turned into hearses. However, Biemme also worked on a crossover, namely the Maserati Grecale and it’s the GT version to boot. It’s nicknamed “Kalea” and boasts quad exhaust tips. How’s that for a hearse? That said, we reckon its proportions are a bit strange compared to the sedans.

Mercedes CLS hearse by BiemmeMercedes CLS hearse by Biemme

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Speaking of Maseratis, there’s a conversion for the Ghibli as well. Much like the CLS, the Italian sedan is not long for this world since it’ll be discontinued in 2024. The last vehicle in Biemme’s fleet is a Mercedes V-Class but that’s a far more common hearse conversion in Europe.

Rolls-Royce Ghost hearseMercedes CLS hearse by BiemmeRolls-Royce Ghost hearseRolls-Royce Ghost hearseRolls-Royce Ghost hearse

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