Mollie Fitzgerald, Who Is Charged With The Second-Degree Murder Of Her Mother, Is Found To Lack Competency To Stand Trial After Three Mental Health Doctors Evaluated Her Conditions.

'Captain America' Actress Deemed Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial For Murdering Mom


AceShowbiz – “Captain America” star Mollie Fitzgerald could not stand trial in the slaying of her mother. The former actress, who starred in “Captain America: The First Avenger“, was charged for murdering her own mom Patricia “Tee” Fitzgerald back in late 2019, but she has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

Mollie was found to lack competency to stand trial in late September after three mental health doctors evaluated her conditions, TMZ reports. According to court records, two of the three doctors concluded the 40-year-old concluded Mollie didn’t have the ability to assist her attorney in providing a defense and she didn’t understand what’s happening to her.

In the docs, her attorney Jason Billam explains Mollie understands she’s been charged with the murder of her mother and she also understands the roles her attorney, prosecutors and the judge play. However, she gets confused about how the overall judicial process works

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