My husband’ best friend is like a brother to me and my family he comes to the house anytime he wants and we are so used to it, if you have a family friend you will understand what am talking about. Each time my husband travels out of the country and his friend is in the city, he would always ask him to come check up on me and the kids, even the kids are so use to having come play with them.
2 weeks ago my husband travelled as usual on a business trip and my younger sister took the kids out for a birthday party and I was home alone enjoying my freedom and my husband’s friend came in,but this time I was not expecting him cos my husband always tells me when his friend is coming and more so he told me they are traveling together ..
I was free gave him food and he asked after the kids I told him they all went out and that was all this guy jumped on me and raped me… Out of shuck I have not been able to say anything nor talk to my husband well on the phone, now my husband is coming back tomorrow, how do I face my husband and tell him his friend raped me? This guy calls me to beg and apologize every little opportunity and am here thinking of how to look my husband in the eye…. Am so use to not hiding anything from him…
Please guys what do u advice I do?
My husband will be so disappointed at me how will he believe me and trust again ?? Will this not break my home? Am so heavy to talk to him….
Am confused…
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