It was joined by a classic 25th Anniversary model for the
special occasion.

For a moment in August 2021, Lamborghini reached the hearts of motoring enthusiasts all around the world and sent them into overdrive. The Italian brand dropped a teaser video for a new Countach completely out of the blue, and then a few days later, revealed it in full. Not as a concept car or a fanciful rendering, but a legit production car going on sale in 2022.

We are now halfway through 2022, and customer deliveries of the Countach LPI 800-4 have commenced. Lamborghini recently headed to Japan with the reborn supercar, marking its first appearance in the land of the rising sun. Specifically, a small group of special guests were invited to Warehouse Terrada where a new red Countach was joined by its predecessor, a 1989 25th Anniversary model also looking fantastic in red. Lamborghini doesn’t tell us the exact shade of red applied to the new model – over 30 colors incorporating new and vintage hues are available to buyers – but the classic Countach wears its coat of Siviglia Red better than ever.