Reno Omokri Apologises To Obi, Walks Back On Rigging Allegation Against The LP Presidential Candidate

Reno and Peter Obi


Asocio/political critic, politician, staunch supporter of the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and an unrepentant critic of Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Reno Omokri, has, for the first time in many months, regretted his strong criticisms of, and allegations against Obi.

All through the period of the Campaigns for the Presidency, and the months running to it, Omokri took the hacking down of Obi, criticising him in very strong language, and finding fault in everything, anything Obi did, as a 24/7 job.

His latest attack against Obi was accusing him of rigging the 25th February Presidential Election. He cited Anambra State, where Obi scored 97% of the votes cast, as an example of Obi’s rigging, insisting it was not possible for him to have that much votes.

But now, Omokri has walked back on his rigging allegation against Obi and apologised to him.

What made Omokri apologise was what happened at an event in Awka, capital of Anambra State, which Obi attended, a couple of days ago. It was the celebration of the first year in office of the State Governor, Professor Charles Soludo.

Given that Soludo is also a strong attacker of Obi in his quest for the office of the President, not many people expected the LP Presidential  Candidate to attend. But he did, and literally brought the roof down with his appearance.

In the words of Omokri, the applause that greeted Obi as he walked into the venue of the celebration was like thunder. Obi’s appearance, for minutes on end, halted  proceedings.

As he watched the unfolding scene before him, a humbled Omokri quickly recorded a voice-video where he apologised to Obi, and posted it on social media platforms.

His words:

“I have said that Bola Tinubu  rigged the February 25, 2023, Presidential Elections. But, I have, also, said that Peter Obi actually  did some rigging, himself, because if you look at the figures he posted from Anambra State, getting, almost, 97 per cent of the votes, I felt that may be there were some shenanigans going on.

“And, then, he went on in an interview and responded to me. And, he said he was surprised he didn’t get 100 per cent in Anambra because he is so popular.

“But, you know, I took that with a pinch of salt. But today, I watched an event. I think the one year event of the incumbent Governor, Professor Charles Soludo, and Peter Obi just walked into the room and the applause was like thunder. I mean it was like thunder.

“So, I can see, for obviously, he is more popular than the incumbent Governor.

“Yeah. So, maybe, I might want to walk back on what I said because I can see that it was possible for him to get that 97 per cent of the votes without rigging.

“Because what I saw was organic love because everybody knows that Peter Obi no de give shi-shi. If you are from Nigeria, you will understand what that means. You know what that means.

“I mean he is thrifty. Let me not say stingy. He is very thrifty.

“So, I take back those words because it was possible that Peter Obi could have gotten 97 per cent without rigging.

“I do apologise.You know, I made that statement,  honestly, thinking it wouldn’t have been possible. But from what I have just seen, I think it was possible.”

Obi did the unprecedented by, winning 12 States, including Abuja and Lagos.

Both Atiku and President-elect, Tinubu, also won 12 States each. But, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, which declared Tinubu winner, he got more votes than Obi and Atiku.

However, both men and their Political Parties, very strongly, insist INEC was wrong, and have filed suits, separately, to challenge the declaration of Tinubu as President-elect.

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