Romanian company LP:One Motor aims to mobilize up to EUR 2 million to launch a sports car prototype fully designed in Romania, Asera GT4. The company has unveiled the design of the new concept car and says it will soon start producing it.

One Motor says its goal is to produce a car capable of winning international races and to put Romania on the international map for performance car manufacturing.

The LP: One Asera model concept focuses on a light structure that supports improved acceleration and maneuverability, and lower braking distance, as well as low cost for consumables. It will use a 2.9 V6 TFSI internal combustion engine provided by Audi Sport, which will be slightly upgraded to reach a maximum power of 550 HP and a max torque of 720 Nm. However, the company also plans to develop new models based on eco-friendly technologies in the future.

The estimated cost is EUR 180,000 per unit, which the producer hopes will make it attractive enough for motorsport teams.

“We don’t want to be just another brand in GT4, our goal is to win the races in the European Championship, with a specific construction, integrating a new concept in international competitions. The GT4 model is our launching pad in the automotive world, later we also target the production for street models. We look to the future with the development of new models with hydrogen and electric propulsion,” said Andrei Ungureanu, CEO and co-founder of LP: One Motor.

So far, LP:One Motor says it has received five pre-orders for the competition version from local racing teams. The company plans to produce such 12 cars in the first year, ten of which will be available for sale.

In the second year, it aims to make the same number of race cars plus 30 cars that will be adapted for driving on public roads. The production will grow gradually, up to 100 units per year, but will remain a limited series.

“LP:One Motor is a great project. We created it from a unique perspective, putting together the ideas of a generation of young people. A bold project for Romania, which has reached the current point after considerable hours of design, research and countless discussions with a well-structured team, so that each member can demonstrate their experience in the appropriate department,” said Alexandru Ungureanu, co-founder of LP: One Motor.

Among the company’s partners are several established names in the motorsport industry, such as Willi Motorsport, Sin Cars, Audi Sport, CSP Design, Dojo Motorsport, Alten, Demon Tweeks and Sculptronix.