Tesla China Model Y Teardown Reveals Parts Shared with Model 3


When Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) planned the Model Y, it was looking to make its next mass-market vehicle with a broad appeal. The company also wanted to share parts with the Model 3, which was already being produced in large numbers with its parts supply secured. By having both cars share parts, the company would be able to speed production and reduce complexity.

Tesmanian shared a teardown by Zhihu Automobile to learn more about what makes up a Model Y made in China.

Tesla originally said the Model Y would share around 76% of its parts with the Model 3, but that’s not yet the case. Zhihu Automobile found the Model Y in their possession had around 25% of its parts in common with a Model 3. Much of the suspension and front brakes were unique to the Model Y.

The company did find a single-piece rear casting, made with Tesla’s gigapress. This large machine can reduce parts complexity and weight. The researchers noted that Tesla is ahead of the competition in this department, and this casting reduces weight in this area up to 20%, while reducing 700 to 800 parts down to 50, and production time down from 1 to 2 hours to 3 to 5 minutes.

Zhihu Automobile also found the battery pack to be quite safe. After puncturing one of the batteries, it found that the glue used to hold the pack together was enough to stop the spread of the chemical reaction and prevent a battery fire, which could happen.

Zhihu Automobile concluded that the Model Y is highly integrated, and Tesla is ahead of the EV competition when it comes to manufacturing. This allows Tesla to continue reducing prices, while keeping margin intact.

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