The Most Expensive Cars in the World, at Least for the Moment


Does anyone really need to spend north of six figures on a car? No, no one needs to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on a car. But we live in a capitalist society, and if someone wants to spend that much on a car, then that’s their prerogative. Dropping so much cash on a car might not be as wise a financial decision as putting it toward real estate, but it’s arguably a smarter investment than buying into something like a timeshare.

 2021 Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 14At a certain monetary point, a car goes beyond being a simple means of transportation. In fact, many might call these high-priced machines rolling pieces of art. Some people drop loads of cash on big-ticket items such as Picassos and Van Goghs, others write checks for overpriced Bugattis and Ferraris. Potato, potahto. Read on to see 20 of the most expensive and extravagant new cars. In other words, this list of most expensive cars contains vehicles whose buyers have only recently received, or are still awaiting delivery of, their high-priced machine.

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