“They just suffer me. They can’t pay me” actor Kenneth Aguba reveals he was paid only N5K for movie roles.

Finally replies ladies seeking for his hand in marriage



"They just suffer me. They can


Actor Kenneth Aguba, who was found to be homeless in Enugu state, has revealed that he was paid peanuts to feature in movies.


The actor’s photo went viral when he was seen living in front of a shed in Enugu.


People immediately came to his aid, with Pastor Chibuzor Chinyere, offering him free accommodation and medical treatment.


Speaking following his rehabilitation,  Kenneth Aguba said he wasn’t well paid in Nollywood. He disclosed that he featured in many movies with popular actors who were well paid but he was paid N5K to act in movies.


“They just suffer me. They can’t pay me,” he lamented.


Finally replies ladies seeking for his hand in marriage

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Aguba has finally reacted after some ladies showed interest in tying the knot with him.

While moving to his new apartment gifted to him by Apostle Chibuzor Chineye, Aguba noted that he believed God will point his wife to him at the right time.

Recall, the Nollywood actor had been homeless until Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere stepped in to give him a new life.

The Apostle also promised to marry him a wife and since then several ladies have sought his hand in marriage.

One of the ladies, Anastasia Michael said:

“Whatever you think about the love I have for this man here, I don’t care I want to marry Aguba and as for the terms and conditions OPM Stated, I accepted the terms and the conditions. I accept to marry him, I accept to be his legitimate wife. I love him. Even when he had nothing, I used to help him, He knows me very well. That was where the whole feelings started.”

Kenneth Aguba said:

“My message to them is that they should go and build the best out of themselves while I do mine also. At the right time, God will point for me”.

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