YouTube is DOWN: Streaming giant crashes around the world



Streaming behemoth YouTube appears to be back online after crashing for thousands of users around the world.

Complaints registered on independent site DownDetector indicated a global outage which lasted less than an hour.

The Google-owned site is usually very reliable and the cause of the outage remains unknown.

 Provided by Daily Mail Streaming behemoth YouTube appears to have crashed for thousands of users around the world

The site suffered a universal loss in functionality, with issues loading the homepage, playing videos and logging in.

Sources have contacted YouTube for comment.

The lack of service started shortly after midday the number of complaints sooned soared into the thousands. However, it returned to normal by 1:30pm.

More than two billion people log on to YouTube every month, and it is often cited as being the second most popular website in the world, behind only its parent company, Google.

More than one billion hours of content is watched every day on the platform, according to YouTube.

Disgruntled users took to social media to double check the site was out of order and bemoan the outage.

Some shared screenshots of their defunct YouTube landing screen while others resorted to memes and GIFs.

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