20 cute things to draw for your boyfriend to make him happy


Surprising your boyfriend with a gift you made with your own hands is a true sign of your devotion to him and the relationship in general. No matter how silly or tacky this idea is, making your boyfriend a gift is much more appreciated than buying a gift for him. Doesn’t it feel good when you know you are loved and appreciated? But what are some of these cute things to draw for your boyfriend to make him feel special?

Woman in a brown top painting. Photo: @Andrea Piacquadio (modified by author) Source: UGC

Woman in a brown top painting.

Don’t let your boyfriend feel alone or not noticed by you. Spending time to make your boyfriend his one personalised gift is an effort that he will appreciate. You can also go the extra mile to make him a painting on canvas. It doesn’t have to be too intricate or perfect.

Cute things to draw for your boyfriend

One of the things you can do to make your boyfriend feel loved is doodle something cute on a piece of paper for him. Any handmade gift, no matter how simple it is, is always appreciated so much by a loved one. Here is a list of cute things to draw for your boyfriend to make him happy:

Easy romantic drawings for your boyfriend

Drawing your boyfriend a romantic drawing may seem like a very small thing, but the reward may be huge and beneficial to your relationship. It makes him feel loved and cared for. Here are some ideas for easy romantic drawings for your boyfriend:

1. His favourite cartoon character

If you have spent enough time with your boyfriend, you know his favourite cartoon character. It may be Patrick from Spongebob or Spongebob himself. Making a cute drawing of this character for him will melt his heart.

2. Cute Emojis

Emojis help to capture and illustrate our mood without even having to express ourselves verbally. Drawing your boyfriend a cute emoji, maybe the kissing emoji, the smiley emoji or even just an emoji you know he likes. This will make him happy and ignite a spark.

3. His favourite quote

Most of the people have a special quote that they live by. If your boyfriend has one, it would melt his heart to know that you listen to him enough to know this quote. How about drawing a quote and framing it for him? This would work wonders in your relationship.

Cute things to draw for your boyfriend to make his heart melt

A piece of creative drawing is placed on the table. Photo: @Rachel Claire Source: UGC

A piece of creative drawing is placed on the table. 

No matter how old you are or he is, drawing your boyfriend something will never go out of style and will always be something that will melt his heart. Here are cute things that will make him feel special:

4. His pet

If your boyfriend is like everybody who owns a pet, he must love him. Drawing a picture of his pet for him will be something very special to him. You can also make it a painting on canvas.

5. His favourite anime

Animes are known to be detailed, and drawing them may be very complicated. If this is the case, try tracing paper to trace and outline the anime, then transfer it to your paper, gift it to him and wait for his reaction.

6. A cupid

Cupid is usually associated with Valentine’s Day and love. This dimpled Roman god of love in his little diaper wielding a bow and arrow may be all it takes to make your boyfriend’s heart melt.

Drawings for boyfriend’s birthday

A birthday is the most important day in a person’s life. Probably many people will gift your boyfriend something on this day. How about you draw something cute for him that will stand out and make him very happy? The following are cute ideas for drawings for his birthday:

7. His favourite city

If your boyfriend likes to travel, you can make a drawing of a building in a city that you know he likes. This will be a cute drawing for him and maybe also a hint of a place you would love for the two of you to go together to make more beautiful memories.

8. His favourite holiday memory

You may have heard of his favourite holiday memory and drawing that would make him relive the moment. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

9. Random doodles

Doodling is usually something a person does to pass the time, and it does not have to be complicated. This would be a perfect gift idea because he would know that even when you are doing nothing, you are thinking of him.

10. His mentor or idol

If your boyfriend has a person he looks up to and idolises, drawing this person and acknowledging their importance will mean a lot to him.

A person drawing a paint on a white paper. Photo: @Pavel Danilyuk Source: UGC

A person drawing a paint on a white paper. 

Drawing ideas for your boyfriend

Relationships don’t always have to be serious. Sometimes, just let loose and enjoy your relationship and your partner. Here are some ideas of cute pics to draw for your bf:

11. His favourite song

Illustrating your boyfriend’s favourite song is a unique and original way to show your love and affection. If this is hard, try drawing the artists of the song.

12. His favourite book

Your interpretation of the book cover or a scene from the book will be a unique take on his favourite book. This would make him happy.

Cute ideas to draw

Sometimes, it is the smallest things that make the biggest impact in a relationship. Drawing cute things for your partner may go a long way in a relationship. The following are cute ideas to draw for your loved one:

13. His favourite musical instrument

If he loves music, drawing his favourite musical instrument would make him happy.

14. His favourite brand

May it be Nike or Adidas, drawing this brand’s logo would melt his heart.

15. His eyes

A nice moment that could be etched forever in both of your hearts would be the time you ask your boyfriend to sit still so you can draw his beautiful eyes. This may be something that he would remember forever.

A woman is drawing on a sketchpad. Photo: @Antoni Shkraba Source: UGC

A woman is drawing on a sketchpad.

Cute pictures to draw for your boyfriend

Cute pictures are some things that everybody loves. Below are cute pictures to draw for your boyfriend:

16. His favourite season

Seasons often bring memories and sentiments. If his favourite season is winter, try something like a snowman or snowflakes falling. If it is summer, try drawing the beach and so on.

17. His favourite movie character

Boys who love movies will appreciate a sketch of their favourite movie character always. Be that amazing partner, draw that character for your partner, and watch his eyes light up when he sees it.

Easy love drawings for him

Everyone loves cute love drawings, and your boyfriend is no exception. The following are easy drawings you can draw for him to show you love him:

18. A picture of your hands clasped together

Take a photo of you two holding hands and then draw the picture. This will symbolise your connection and bring a smile to his face whenever he sees you.

19. Animals in love

Who could resist cute animals? I, for one, cannot. You can draw a kissing bunny or two doves in love. He would love this.

20. A picture of the two of you together

It does not have to be perfect, but you can make him very happy by going the extra mile of drawing the two of you two together.

Wrapping up

How do you sparkle your relationship? Get to know some of the cute things to draw for your boyfriend. It will keep your relationship playful and happy at all times.

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