22 year old pregnant mum dies along with unborn baby after her ‘friend cut the child from womb’




Police in Texas have revealed how a pregnant mother was killed together with her unborn baby after the child was hacked out of her womb by her friend.


Reagan Hancock, 22, who was seven and a half months’ pregnant, died from  multiple hack injuries after her friend cut her open in New Boston, Bowie County, Texas before fleeing with the fetus.


22 year old pregnant mum dies along with unborn baby after her

Reagan Hancock with her husband Homer, whom she married in 2019 and their three-year-old daughter

According to Police, they discovered that an unborn baby had been cut out from Hancock’s body and a female suspect was later arrested by authorities in McCurtain County, Oklahoma close to the state border.

The woman has been charged with kidnapping and murdering an unborn child, KLTV reported.


22 year old pregnant mum dies along with unborn baby after her

She had allegedly taken the fetus to a hospital in Idabel, where the baby later died.

Police said: “The child did not survive. At the request of the New Boston Police Department, the Texas Rangers are now investigating.”

On August 6, Hancock posted on social media her excitement about the upcoming birth of her “SWEET BABYGIRL”.

She wrote: “She already acts like her daddy and big sister.

We cannot wait for our Braxlynn Sage to be here. Daddy is definitely outnumbered.”

But in a heartbreaking post shared on Saturday, October 10, Hancock’s mother Jessica Brookes revealed she was the one who discovered her daughter’s body in her home.

She said: “I am begging for prayers without ceasing for our family.

“Our beautiful daughter Reagan Hancock and her precious unborn baby girl Braxlynn were murdered yesterday by Satan in the flesh.

“I found her and Marcus [Regan’s dad} and Chris were on scene right after me.

“Our family, friends and community are rocked to the core.

“Our Reagan was one of the most precious people you would ever meet.”

A fundraiser created via PayPal indicated that the killer knew Hancock.

The post reads: “Reagan Hancock and her unborn baby were selfishly killed by someone Reagan considered a friend. We are trying to raise money for Homer and their daughter.”

Bowie County Citizens Tribune, a local newspaper wrote in a touching editorial to the family;

“It is my prayer this morning that Reagan’s family can find a way to feel that compassion in the coming days.

“It doesn’t really make the pain go away, the pain and loss will always be there, but it will soften it just enough to allow them to survive it.”


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