How to prepare Masa or Hausa rice cake.


Masa or Hausa rice cake is another one of Hausa delicious meals. It is made with what we call ‘tuwo rice’ in Northern Nigeria. Tuwo rice is a special kind of rice that is used particularly for tuwo shinkafa.

The good thing about tuwo rice is that it tends to stick together with one another, unlike the conventional rice grains that tends to stay apart.

Here is the recipe for tuwo shikafa and Miyan Geda

This recipe and pictures were sent by Ramatu. It is actually a simple recipe. Aside the soaking that happens to part of the rice used in making masa, the rest is very straight-forward.

It can be made in less than 90 minutes.

This recipe shows you how to make masa (Hausa rice cake), I think you are going to love it if you do it right. Once you have the right kind of pan, you are good to go.

Ingredients. | Serving: 4

3 cups of tuwo rice.
2 Table spoons of sugar.
Teaspoon of yeast.
Teaspoon of potash.
Table spoon of oil
50ml of vegetable oil
Salt to taste.

You will also need the masa baking pan as well as basic cooking utensils.

Masa is mostly taken with miyan taushe but u can still eat with yagi (spiced ground pepper). There are other complimentary meals that can be served alongside. However, these two are just top on the list.

Get 3 cups of tuwo rice in a bowl. Divide into two equal part. Wash the first part and soak in a bowl with potash. The image below is that of tuwo rice.
Tuwo rice
This is how tuwo rice actually looks like, it is readily available in Northern Nigeria and several other parts of the country.
How to Make Masa
This is what you should do; soak a teaspoon of ground potash in half cup of water, allow to setle. Then pour into the first part in a bowl, don’t add the residue. Add more water and allow to soak for 8-10hours. It is best if you soak it overnight.

When you are ready to prepare the masa, get the second part of the tuwo rice. Wash and boil it with just water. Boil it until it is very soft. Go ahead and mash it to pulp.

Mix the ground rice with the mashed rice together. Add sugar and salt to taste. Add teaspoon of yeast, stir and allow frothing for 30 minutes. The batter should be running not thick.
making masa
Grease your masa pan with vegetable oil and scoop your batter into the pan. Allow to cook until it is golden brown. Turn the other side with a spoon and also observe as it cooks and turn golden brown.
Baking rice cake

This is how to make Hausa Masa, you can serve with Yaji (Hausa spiced ground pepper) or miyan taushe.

This recipe and Pictures were sent by Ramatu. Do you think it is comprehensive enough? Do you know more about Hausa foods? Send me your Hausa recipe through my private WhatsApp line. I would love to publish your Hausa recipe. ()



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