60 Best Natural Hairstyles for Black Women in 2021

Portrait of a bald African American woman with her eyes closed, subtly smiling, breathing in fresh afternoon, air, with clouds in the background sky.
It’s no surprise why Black natural hairstyles are having a shining moment. The myriad of beautiful looks are also rich in cultural heritage, and we love spotlighting the many ways you can style natural texture. (For the uninitiated, natural hair refers to Black hair that hasn’t been chemically altered with straighteners, relaxers, or texturizers.)Apart from being blessed with full, thick curls, this hair type is also rather versatile! From box braids and updos to flat twists and half-up top knots, there are so many hairstyles you can do without using any heat or chemicals on your luscious locks. Keep scrolling to check out natural hairstyles you can do today!

1. Bantu Knots

natural hairstyles Bantu Knots

Go for a dramatic style with these Bantu knots!

Bantu knots are actually small coiled buns, so you don’t have to worry about tangling your hair with this fun style. We love this bold style as it serves as a perfect protected look for ladies who want their hair completely up and out of the way.

2. Big Puff Natural Hairstyles

natural hairstyles Big Puff

Embrace the puffiness.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace the puff!

Give your curls some definition by applying SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie to damp curls and letting them air-dry. Further enhance the volume of this look by gently picking it from the root of the puff, up and out.

3. Bob Box Braids

natural hairstyles Box Braid Bob

The majority of the time we see box braids with long hairstyles, but why not try a bob? This ultra-popular length is flattering on so many face shapes. If you want to create this look at home, it’s easy and only takes a few steps.

4. Box Braid Bun

natural hairstyles top knot bun

Top knots work for braided hairstyles too.

Box braids can be long and get in your face. Keep your hair out of your face in a stylish way by creating a box braid bun! This look is simple, yet so effective and will always be on-trend.

5. Braid-Out Style

natural hairstyles braid out

Great style for transitioners. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Want wavy hair without the heat? Try this braid-out style. All you have to do is put your hair in braids overnight, remove them in the morning, and voila—you have amazing-looking waves.

6. Braided Natural Updo

natural hairstyles box braid updo

Chic hairstyle for special events.

Let’s face it: We all get into a hair rut at some point. If you’re not quite sure what to do with your hair, try a braided natural hairstyle. Adding a braid into your look is a great way to elevate a casual ‘do.

7. Braided Updo

natural hairstyles Braided Updo

A braided updo makes a quick and easy hairstyle!

Just because you have braids in your hair doesn’t mean you can’t do more natural hairstyles with them. If you’re looking for a new way to style your braids, try a top knot.

8. Coiled Bun

natural hairstyles updo braids

Doesn’t hurt to get fancy with your braids.

Tired of regular updos? get fancy with a coiled bun! Create this half-up bun in just 6 easy steps.

9. Cornrow Braids Natural Hairstyles

natural hairstyles cornrow

The perfect everyday style for workouts and more.

Trying to grow your hair long, or just want to keep it healthy? A protective natural hairstyle is a great way to do this! Cornrows specifically are a very good option when wanting to protect your hair.

10. Box Braids Into Space Buns

natural hairstyles space buns

Add some flair to your box braids by creating space buns.

Who doesn’t love a youthful style like space buns? This is also a great way to have fun with your braids. We highly recommend this style for the gym, it’s cute and it’ll keep your hair out of your face while you get your sweat on.

11. Crochet Braids

natural hairstyles Crochet Braids

Make your braids longer with crochet braids!

Get your braids done in a whole new way by using a crochet technique. Need to refresh your braids between wash days?

12. Crown Braid

natural hairstyles Crown Braid

you’ll definitely be feeling like the queen you are!

Unleash your inner queen with a crown braid. This is a great natural hairstyle to wear if you want to keep your hair out of your face, but you don’t want to wear it fully pulled back.


13. Chunky Braids

natural hairstyles chunky braids

Simple protective hairstyle idea.

A chunkier braid can be a great option as opposed to skinnier box braids that are more popular.

14. Curly Half-Updo

natural hairstyles professional work hairstyles curly hair half updo

This curly hair half-updo is filled with volume and we love it!

This curly half-updo is fun and flirty! Create a half-up style on your natural curls to show off their definition and shape, while also maintaining a look that stays off your face.

15. Curly Pixie Textured Coils

natural hairstyles curly pixie

Quick and easy natural hairstyle. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you don’t want to deal with the care and upkeep of longer hair, opt for a pixie cut instead. Not only are pixies trending, but so are curly bangs–what’s not to love?

16. Dreadlocks and Twists Combo

natural hairstyles dreadlocks and twists

Why settle for just one style? Photo courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Dreadlocks are a great option if you’re going for more texture. There’s no rule that says you have to pick one kind of protective style at a time, if you want more than one, combine for a fun hybrid style.

17. Fauxhawk Natural Hairstyles

natural hairstyles fro hawk

Get the mohawk look with your ‘fro.

They say fake it till you make it, right? Well, even if you don’t plan on shaving the sides of your hair, you can still get in on the mohawk hairstyle with this fun frohawk style.

18. Flat Twists Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

natural hairstyles flat twists

From culture to the runway. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Flat twists are a great natural hairstyle to do if you want to try cornrows but want an easier version. This style uses two sections of hair instead of three.

19. Fluffy Wash and Go Afro

natural hairstyles afro

Easy, breezy, and fluffy.

The afro hairstyle is one of the top traditional Black hairstyles we see today. Many women love to wear their hair in this style during their transitioning phase or as a way to just celebrate the beauty of their hair texture.

20. Formal Updo

natural hairstyles formal updo

Gorgeous style for formal occasions.

A braided bun is a perfect formal hairstyle. It’s easy to do and will last throughout the entire event!

21. French Braids

natural hairstyles French Braids

You can’t go wrong this these go-to braids!

French braids are such a classic style. It’s a great natural hairstyle on its own, or you can use it to get gorgeous waves the next day!

22. Frohawk

natural hairstyles fro hawk

Not sure how to style your ‘fro? Try a mohawk style! This style will have effortless volume for those with tight curls.

23. Voluminous Half Top Knot

natural hairstyles half up top knot

Mini bun and big fro.

This half top knot is a great way to style your hair if you want to keep it from falling in your face, but don’t want to put all of your hair in a ponytail or bun.

24. Half-Up, Half-Down

natural hairstyles half updo

We love the volume on this half-up style!

No matter what hair type you have, this is always a go-to style! Achieve these super bouncy and luscious curls by running The Good Stuff Curl Hydration Butter through your strands. This butter helps lock in heavy moisture and gives your curls strength and shine.

25. Half-Up Box Braids

natural hairstyles half up braids

This trendy style works for all hair types.

When you’re having one of those days where you can’t decide if you want to wear your hair up or down, go for the half updo!

26. Natural Hairstyles: Half-Up Bun

natural hairstyles half up bun

Sweep your hair up into a half-up bun.

This hairstyle is still mega popular right now. We love it because it can be worn on all hair types!

27. Natural Hairstyles: Halo Twist

natural hairstyles Halo Twist

This is a great updo to do!

A halo twist is such an elegant way to pull your hair up. It’s great for a casual day and even special events.

28. Headwrap

natural hairstyles head wrap

A perfect protective style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A headwrap is a great accessory in and of itself, and it also comes in handy when you want to give your hair a rest from hot tools or styling products, or are setting your curls.

29. High Ponytail

natural hairstyles side pony

Super cute side ponytail style.

Nothing is easier than a high ponytail! We are loving high ponytails as a quick #hairhack to give yourself that natural “facelift.” One of the many benefits of wearing a snatched high pony.

30. High Top

natural hairstyles high top

Nope, this haircut isn’t just for the boys. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Take your hair to new heights with this high top natural hairstyle. This look is all about angles and clean shapes. Try a cut like this if you’re looking to turn heads and embrace jealous stares.

31. Low Bun Updo

natural hairstyles Low Bun Updo

Slick everything back with a low bun updo!

A sleek low bun is great for keeping your hair out of your face. A low style like this will also be less damaging on your hair since it isn’t being pulled back as tightly.

32. Buzzed

natural hairstyles low cut

Love this no-fuss style for warmer days. Photo credit: Dvora

Some women opt for a super-cropped haircut during a transition phase, while some love short hairstyles just for the beauty of it. No matter your reason, this look is beautiful and we love how it accentuates any face shape.

33. Low Ponytail

natural hairstyles low ponytail

Say no to boring ponytail styles.

Show off your natural texture or braids by gathering all of your hair in a low pony at the base of your neck.

34. Micro Box Braids

natural hairstyles micro braids

Neat protective style idea.

Want lots and lots of braids? Try a micro version of this style all over. This is a great way to add texture and volume to your look, without using any hair product.

35. Puff Top Knot

natural hairstyles Natural Puff Updo

Let your natural hair go with a puff updo!

Own your voluminous hair by throwing it all up in a puff updo! Get your updo all the way to the top of your head for a more dramatic style.

36. Pineapple Ponytail

natural hairstyles pineapple

This easy-to-create look is great for many occasions. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

While the pineapple ponytail can be worn during the day, it’s also a great way to protect your curls while your sleeping.

37. Pineapple Updo

natural hairstyles Pineapple Hairstyle

This is a great protective style!

A cute and protective natural hairstyle? Yes, you definitely can have both! We’ll teach you how to create this classic so it can become your new go-to style.

38. Bright Short Natural Pink Afro

natural hairstyles pink afro

Get funky with a pop of color. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Nothing says confidence like a bold pink-colored ‘do! If you’ve been looking for a sign that you should go for a major color change, then do it! Consider this your sign.

39. Scarf Updo

natural hairstyles scarf updo

Fun and easy way to accessorize.

Change up your style by using a fun accessory! Scarves have been seriously trending the past few seasons and it’s easy to see why. There are so many different ways you can sport this chic accessory, so get to experimenting!

40. Side Braid

natural hairstyles side braid

Chunky and chic braid.

In a rush and not sure what to do with your hair? Create a side braid—it’s quick and easy, and gives box braided hair an added “braidception” vibe.

41. Colorful Short Box Braids

natural hairstyles Short Box Braids

Box braids don’t have to be long!

Most often we see box braids in longer natural hairstyles, but they can be short too. Try the shorter length in a different color too for added punch.

42. Space Buns

natural hairstyles space buns

Stylish hairstyle idea for the gym.

Sick of always doing the same styles? Switch things up with space buns. There are so many ways to wear space buns, you’ll never run out of inspo for this look.

43. Straight Pixie

natural hairstyles short pixie

Cute style for any face shape.

Looking for a time-saving haircut? This pixie cut will do the trick! This cut is great for those who like to rock the relaxed look.

44. Honey Blonde Afro

natural hairstyles strawberry blonde

A bright and bold way to flaunt your texture. Photo credit: Dvora

Want to make your hair really stand out? Why not try a bold new color? This honey blonde hue is extremely flattering and looks fab against most skin tones.

45. Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: Teeny Weeny Afro

natural hairstyles teeny weeny afro

Short and easy.

Short-haired gals would love this styling idea. To get super-defined curls, you can use a gel or a sponge brush to style your teeny weeny afro. It’s important to make sure your hair stays moisturized.

To keep your afro hydrated, use SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment. This will help detangle, hydrate, and reduce any frizz.

46. Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: The Wash-N-Go

natural hairstyles wash and go curls

Wash it and air dry!

Every naturalista puts in a lot of effort learning her hair type and nailing the wash and go method that works for her. Need a hand? Here’s how you can create the wash-and-go style on your hair.

47. Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: The Twist-Out

natural hairstyles twist out

Overnight curls. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Natural Black hairstyles—like twist-outs and braid-outs—are simple and easy ways to achieve a stretched curly texture without any heat. To create this look, create two-strand twists on damp hair, then allow your hair to dry overnight.

48. Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: Twists and Curls Updo

natural hairstyles Twist and Curls Updo

Keep your twists out of your face with an updo!

Make your updo look more intricate by twisting your hair first. We love twist styles, they’re easy to create and add beautiful texture to any style.

49. Twists and High Puff

natural hairstyles Twists and High Puff

Mix two popular styles in one!

Combine twists and your natural hair texture in one style!

50. Two-Strand Natural Hairstyles

natural hairstyles twists

Gorgeous protective style.

Don’t want to spend as much time braiding? Opt for two-strand twists instead.

51. Yarn Braids

natural hairstyles yarn braids long brown natural

The texture makes the look.

Yarn braids are a great alternative to try if you prefer not to use the extensions that are traditionally used to create box braid styles.

52. Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: Flat Twist with Twist-Out

natural hairstyles flat twist hairstyle

Try this flat twist hairstyle!

Want to wear a protective style, but you also want all of your hair pulled back? Try a flat twist with a twist-out.

53. Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: Curls with Side Bantu Knot

natural hairstyles Side Bantu Knots

A one-sided style is a really polished look!

Sometimes a one-sided natural hairstyle is all you need for the right amount of edge. This one-sided Bantu knot style is a great option.

54. Blonde Corn Rows

natural hairstyles Inverted Cornrows

Braids on blonde locks are a vibe! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Change up your regular cornrow style by trying it on bleached hair. Blonde pops beautifully on braid styles, whether you bleach your own hair or add in some bleached extensions.

55. Side-Parted Naturally Curly Bob

natural hairstyles Side-Part Natural Curl Bob

Add even more volume to your curls with a deep side part.

Want all of the volume and attitude you can get in a natural hairstyle? All you have to do is add a side part, and you’ll be amazed at the difference this subtle change makes.

56. Braided Mohawk

natural hairstyles braided mohawk

We love this fierce braided mohawk.

If you want to try a mohawk but don’t want to fully commit to the shaved style, braid your hair into a mohawk to try the look.

57. Large Twists

hairstyles for black women large twists

If you’re a twist gal then try out these larger twists for a change. Photo credit: Baptista Ime James

Want to switch up your normal twist style? Go for a larger, looser twist! We love how romantic and shiny these bigger twists are. This a great way to slightly change up your look without completely leaving behind an entire style.

58. Short Dreadlocks

hairstyles for black women short dreads

We love a cute, short dreadlocks style. Why not give it a try! Photo credit: Joanna Nix

Dreadlocks are certainly a commitment, but they are so worth it. We have been loving the short dreads style. Pair the trending shorter length with a classic style and you’re all set.

59. The Big Chop Baby Curls

hairstyles for black women baby curls

Go for a short cut and embrace your baby curls. Photo credit: Alex Starnes

Not quite a teeny weeny afro, but just some beautiful, baby curls! This cropped look is perfect for the warmer months and still has tons of definition and curl despite its baby length.

60. Bold Accessories

hairstyles for black women bold accessories

Spice up any look with a bold accessory. Photo credit: Vladimir Yelizarov

You can never go wrong with a bold accessory. Spice up your look just by adding some oversized clips, a headband, or a scarf.

From braids and afros to updos and twists, there are so many styles that are perfect for natural hair. Tag us @AllThingsHairUS on Instagram and Twitter to show us your fave looks!

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