9 Best Models of Branded Luxury Belts for Men.

The belts have been the favourite accessories for men around the world. Whether having a casual outfit or formal, they always carry belts to give it a modified look. Formerly, belts were given a simple look with a belt of leather and a simple hook up a buckle with no designs. But with the change of fashion trends in the accessories of men, the belt designs also took a new look every time.

luxury belts

Different Types of Men’s Branded Belts:

Let’s have a look at few luxury men’s belt designs with brands:

1. Leather Belt with Wolf Buckle:


A luxury belt designed with a buckle of a wolf face gives a powerful look to the wearer. Designed by the Gucci brand, it is the primary choice of men who are fighters. The simple black leather belt is made from original leather with a golden wolf face buckle.

2. Silver and Printed Belt:


A belt design which includes a silver alphabet of the company initial and a leather belt studded with company prints looks amazing on jeans and other casual wear. A luxury belt for men designed by the MUM Belt Company is the choice of the collegians for parties.

3. Skull Buckle Belt in Black:


Does horror element excite you! Then you would love the latest luxury belt brands design of Alexander McQueen Company. A simple black leather belt is given a terrifying look with a golden skull buckle design. It is usually carried on theme parties, fancy outings or pubs etc.

4. White and Silver luxury Belt:


A men’s luxury belt design which includes the logo or the name of the company shows the luxurious side of the wearer. A simple white leather belt is given a modified look with silver buckle containing the name of the brand, Moschino. It looks stunning on casuals and formals too.


5. Leafy Belt Design:


Looking for something trendy for a unique look! Get a nature-inspired leafy belt design for your casuals. One of the luxury belt brands, Gucci has introduced this belt which is highly appreciated by the travellers, and collegians for picnics and jungle camps.

6. Stretchy Colourful Belt:


A classy belt design for casuals outfit can be achieved with a funky belt design. With lovely colours and stretchy material, the luxury belts for men designed by Harry Rosen, it is getting viral among the youngsters. With a simple buckle, it justifies the casual wear whether jeans or shorts.


7. Crown Designed Belt:


Looking for something royal in accessories for a high society party! There you are with a luxury belts design containing the buckle designed with a crown. The original leather belt in brown is given a royal buckle design giving a luxurious or royal look over suits. The colour of the belt can also vary as per your outfit and choice.

8. Horse Buckled Belts:


Love racing and dealing with horses! Here you go with an accessory matching your passion related to horses. A normal leather belt is given a dominating look with a buckle of a running horse between the gaps of the alphabet H. The luxury men’s belt looks amazing on casuals to give a charming touch to your personality.


9. Eagle Belt:


Love wearing branded accessories for your casual wear! Here we are with luxury belt brands highly selected by the men for a luxurious personality. The Armani belt designers have given a masterpiece with an eagle buckle design with the company initial logo inside it with a simple leather black belt. It gives a rich look to the casual outfits.

The luxury belt brands have now started experimenting with new trends in the buckles which can be seen in the summer and vintage wear fashion shows of this year. With new heart taking designs, the men are also investing in luxury belts for getting an iconic look.

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