Adele kept trying to ditch ‘disgusting’ present from Alan Carr


Adele wasn’t a fan of the gift.

Adele kept trying to get rid of a “disgusting” present Alan Carr bought her – but he just repeatedly fished it out of the bin.

The ‘Skyfall’ singer is close friends with the 45-year-old presenter and even officiated his wedding to estranged husband Paul Drayton, but she isn’t always impressed by his choice of gifts.

He told OK! magazine: “I did buy her a doll once and it was really disgusting. I found it in a charity shop. Every time she threw it out, I’d get it out of the bin and place it back in her house.”

Although he presents ‘Interior Design Masters’ on BBC One, Alan insisted he won’t be giving his friend any advice on decorating her abode.

He said: “Listen, she will have the best of the best, she won’t be coming for any advice from me.

“I wouldn’t dare give her advice.”

Last year, Alan hosted the ‘I Drink Wine’ singer’s UK TV special, ‘An Audience With Adele’ and had to step in and entertain the star-studded audience with a rendition of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ after she needed her make-up retouched following a surprise reunion with her old teacher.

And the ‘Chatty Man’ star is amazed that people still think the segment was a set-up.

He added: “People still say to me, ‘Was that set up?’ I’m like, ‘If it was you’d think I’d have least learnt the words!’ You could tell I was bad at singing because Emma Thompson stopped dancing.”

Meanwhile, Adam previously revealed Adele once suggested that he should stay in a “weird” hotel rather than her Los Angeles mansion when he was visiting the US.

He recalled: “I was hoping to stay at Adele’s house, but she went ,’Why don’t you stay at this hotel?’ And I looked at the website and it looked weird.

“There was a massive Jack of clubs, there was a chess piece. It was like, ‘This feels a bit odd.’ But I know it’s amazing.”

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