Agropartnerships: Co-CEO apologises to investors for delay in payout of investment


Assures investors that investment is safe

Ahead of the next meeting with Agropartnerships investors, Osazuwa Osayi, co-CEO Farmforte, the agritech firm powering Agropartnerships has tendered an apology for the situation of things as he addresses investors of the platform.

He said this in a new video on the Instagram page of Agropartnerships.

According to the CEO, the team has been working assiduously over the past few weeks to ensure that the same occurrence doesn’t repeat itself.

He said in his statement,

“On behalf of the management team, I would like to sincerely apologize for this (delayed payout of investment) and express that we deeply regret the situation. While we’re deeply sorry for the turnout of events we understand that sincere actions speak louder than words this is why our team has been working assiduously over the past few weeks to answer two pertinent questions; how did we get here and how do we make sure that this never happen again.

This is a turning point for us given the track record with over sixty thousand subscribers and over twenty thousand successful payouts over the last four years. We understand absolutely how disappointing this had been, however, I want to assure you; our esteem partners, that we cherish the hard earned trust that you put in us and that’s why we have taken corrective measures to make sure that this never repeat itself again. We appreciate your passion, your endurance and the patience and we take seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety of your investment.

To this end, we have designed specific pay out timelines and we look forward to sharing this with you on the 18th of February during our town hall meeting. For certainty, our highest priority is the confidence of our Investors and their inspiration, progress and safety. We remain absolutely committed to the sustainable development of agricultutral chain of Nigeria and we’re glad to be your partner in progress within the ecosystem.

Thank you all for the support and the loyalty that you’ve shown us through this period. Once again we want to give you full assurance that your investments are safe with us.”

  • Sources had earlier reported how the platform failed investors by delaying matured investment payout without prior notice to investors few days to the 2021 Yuletide celebration.
  • The platform is expected to hold its second virtual meeting with investors on the 18th of February where it is expected that the CEOs would chart a way forward on when and how investors will be paid their money.
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