“Arole cannot tell me he’s a virgin” TV host Moray Brown asks people to stop judging after comedian Arole said sex before marriage is a sin




Morayo Brown took to Instagram to respond after comedian Woli Arole said sex before marriage is a sin.


Arole tweeted: “Sex before MARRIAGE is a SIN, even if you use CONDOMN it’s still a SIN. God has told us to repent of every form of unrighteousness. Start the year with a fresh relationship with Jehovah!!!!.”


"Arole cannot tell me he


TV host, Morayo Brown reacted. She said she and her husband got married before having sex, yet stated that it’s not right to condemn people who choose to have sex before marriage.


She wrote: “I agree with Arole about fornication. I did not have sex with my husband before we got married. We made a decision to wait but that does not make us better than those who didn’t. Many waited and still have horrible marriages.”


She added: “We lie daily yet God forgives us. Let’s not use ‘having sex before marriage’ as the reference for judging people.


“If two adults decide to have sex before marriage, it’s completely their choice and a conversation they have with their maker. Lets stop judging that situation.


“Arole cannot tell me he is a virgin, abi is he?”


"Arole cannot tell me he

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