The Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty Oba Ewuare II, has publicly corrected Labour Party gubernatorial candidate Olumide Akpata for claiming to be a “son of the Palace”.

Akpata, during a recent meeting with the monarch repeatedly referred to himself as a “son of the Palace” in both English and the local dialect.

The Oba, however, swiftly dismissed his assertions, explaining that he had instructed one of his chiefs to verify Akpata’s claims.

He added that his investigation revealed that Akpata has no direct or distant links to the Palace.

“You are an industrious son of the soil but to say you are a child of the Palace…I am not aware that any of my children is contesting or is a politician.


“So I need to make that clarification for the sake of the public and the fourth estate of the realm,” the Oba clarified.

In response to the Oba’s correction, Akpata acknowledged the distinction, stating that while he might not be a child of the Palace, he is a child of the kingdom.

Following the incident, a member of Akpata’s entourage expressed disappointment with the public rebuke.

He said, “We are not really happy with the manner in which our candidate was rebuked by the Oba for claiming to be the son of the Palace.”