Celebrities’ last-minute pleas to vote: See who’s endorsing Biden or Trump


John Legend performs Monday at a drive-in rally for Democratic vice presidential candidate and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

It’s election day, folks — and myriad celebrities want to make sure you know it’s election day.

As if anyone could forget?

Last-minute pitches to get out and vote started in recent days and continued early Tuesday, with overwhelming support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“Allow me to be the one millionth person to remind you that [Tuesday]) is your last chance to make your voice heard and to make your vote count,” Taylor Swift said in a video she tweeted Monday along with a link to help voters find their polling places. Acknowledging the high level of stress around the election, she urged viewers to mask up and stay safe when they vote.


Viola Davis put in a final plug for vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, with a video counting down the days to the election. And Eminem promoted a different ad, set to his tune “Lose Yourself,” that had Biden and running mate Harris walking slow-mo cool — minus any huge explosion behind them.

Michael Keaton leaned on his Pennsylvania roots in his pitch aimed at Biden voters, which was retweeted by Chris Evans, while Bruce Springsteen narrated a Scranton-focused Biden ad set to “My Hometown.” Beyoncé also called on voters from her home state (Texas) to “come thru” for the Democratic candidates.


John Legend, who has campaigned for the Biden-Harris ticket, made a pitch on behalf of socially distanced voting at sports arenas. And George Takei praised former President Obama for his efforts to help his former second-in-command.

Another vocal Biden fan, Cardi B, woke up extra early on Tuesday for an “easy-peasy” voting experience.

“It feels good after you voted,” the “WAP” hitmaker said in an Instagram video. “You feel like you just did something. I don’t know. It’s … a weird feeling. So just go out there.”

And in an Instagram post last month, America Ferrera explained her decision to vote for Biden and Harris, who “represent the path I want this country to take in this moment in history.”


Jennifer Lawrence took her eyes off the POTUS race for a second to endorse Amy McGrath, the Democratic Senate candidate in her home state of Kentucky, who as of Monday trailed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by double digits in polls.

The celebrities supporting President Trump — while fewer in number — got their message out as well, whether it was explaining their support for the incumbent or, like Scott Baio, simply urging people to cast their ballots.

“VOTE” Baio tweeted. “Be heard! Make it count!”


Other stars who have endorsed the president include Lil Wayne, Kirstie Alley, Jon Voight, Ted Nugent, Jack Nicklaus, Isaiah Washington and even Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat — sort of. Cohen continued his anti-Trump trolling crusade by using his Kazakh journalist alter ego to satirically discourage women from voting in a mock effort to boost Trump’s chances.

“We hear if you do [vote], then glorious Premier Trump will lose,” Cohen’s Borat said Monday. “This is because, like moths into a fire, you ladies are attracted by dangerous ideas like honesty, fairness and consent. … Premier Trump very pro-womens, as he has made clear: Your body, his choice.”

Here’s a sampling of the latest celebrity endorsements — both sincere and facetious — for the Republican and Democratic nominees.




















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