The retro fashion is back! Flared Trousers, Bell bottoms and more…

Time to keep your skinny jeans aside for a while and make way for the classic Flare Trousers. 70’s most beloved fashion trend is back and trust me this time they are better than ever!

We see a lot of Vintage Fashion trends coming back in 2020. Flared Trouser being one such trend that is making its way back again to your closet. Skinny Jeans are outdated now. No matter how emotionally attached you are,it’s time to bid them a goodbye!

Don’t be sad,for these Flared trousers are going to be so much fun. Flared trousers give you the freedom to experiment and explore. They are cool,yet so comfortable. And like we already mentioned in our previous blogs, fashion in 2020 is going to be all about freedom and comfort. It’s time you allow your legs to breathe a little more and don’t suffocate them with your skinny jeans.

This departure from the tight and skinny to free and flare pants is not going to be easy. But it’s going to be worth it! And if you style them right then, we are sure you’re going to rock this retro style.

However,the flared trousers or bell bottoms now come with a modern touch. In the 70’s the bell bottoms were much more wider than what they are today. The modern flare bottoms have less flare. The Boot-cut Jeans being a much more popular one wherein the jeans or trousers are tailored straight from waist to the knee and flared slightly below the knee and then wider to the ankle.

The Flared Trousers usually look good on every size and shape.However,the flare of the pants could make one look better than the other. What I’m trying to say here is that,too much flare won’t look good on the petite men while too little flare won’t really make a difference for the tall men.

So my tip for you is- If you’re short,try avoiding the wide flares as they’ll make you look more short. And if you’re tall,wear pants with a slightly more flare, so that way you’ll be ready to rock this 70’s trend boldly.

Flared Bottoms, button down shirt and platform shoes – This was how men styled their flares then in the 70’s. Let us show how you style these classic flare pants now in 2020..

Check the Modern Ways To Style The Flared Trousers In 2020…

Nobody does Flares and Bell Bottoms better than Harry Styles! Take some style inspiration and pair up your Flared Jeans with a bold red Sweater like this!

Harry Styles wearing the classic flared jeans and sweater outfit


Pair Up a White Flared Jeans with a very light shade Olive Green Sweater! Put on these chic glasses and your OOTD is all ready to rock!

Comeback of Flared Pants- Modern ways to style them


The Black Sweater paired up with a Flared Bottom is literally the perfect outfit for a dayout!

Turtleneck paired up with flared jeans outfit ideas


This is my personal favorite! Style your flares this way and I’m sure you’re going to give some major fashion goals to everyone on the streets!

Stylish Flared Trousers outfit ideas


This perfect white combo is sure to steal all glances! A casual White tee paired up a classic White Flared Trouser can never go wrong!

White on White Classic Combination of Flared Trousers


Want to look dapper? Try this amazing Tee + Denim Jacket + Blazer + Flared Trousers and I know you will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Tee,Denim Jacket. Blazer perfectly paired with Flared Trousers

 A casual Tee paired with a Flared Trouser is always a good idea!


So these were a few ways to style the classic flare in modern ways! We hope you like it and now will definitely welcome this retro’s favorite fashion item in your wardrobes.