Commander of armoured unit becomes the third Russian general allegedly killed in Ukraine in eight days in blow to President Vladimir Putin



Commander of armoured unit?becomes the third Russian general allegedly killed in Ukraine in eight days in  blow to President Vladimir Putin


A third Russian general has allegedly been killed in Ukraine in just eight days in another devastating blow to Vladimir Putin’s savage invasion of Ukraine.


Major General Andrei Kolesnikov of the 29th Combined Arms Army became the latest high-profile casualty of the war today, Ukraine’s government announced.


Kolesnikov’s death comes four days after the killing of Major General Vitaly Gerasimov, 45, the first deputy commander of Russia’s 41st army.


The general took part in the second Chechen war, the Russian military operation in Syria, and the annexation of Crimea, winning medals from those campaigns.


According to reports, there are believed to be 20 Russian generals taking part in the faltering invasion, which has also seen the loss of 173 tanks, 12 aircraft, and 345 troop carriers.


Western officials said the multiple general casualties suggest they are having to move to the front because Russia’s troops are either unable to make their own decisions or are fearful of moving forward.


According to reports, Gerasimov was the son of Valery Gerasimov – the Chief of General Staff of Russia’s armed forces.


Last week, Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky, 47, deputy commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army of the Central Military District, was killed. Sukhovetsky died during a special operation in Ukraine, his comrade-in-arms Sergey Chipilev wrote on social media.


He was shot and killed by a sniper near Mariupol, which has been under a brutal siege by Russian forces for days.


Analysts have said Russian tank commanders allowed the Ukrainians to gun down their unit by driving down the middle of a main road leading into Kyiv – and straight into a death trap.


Rob Lee, a Senior Fellow and military expert at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, commented on the ambush, saying the Russian armoured force displayed ‘very poor tactics’.

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