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You could be moving into a new rented home that does not necessarily meet your interior design needs, although you love the neighbourhood. Or maybe you are already living in a house that bores you to sleep. If you like everything else, there is no need to move because with just a few tips, you can improve the quality of your apartment living.A good place to start would be to ask the landlord what is acceptable tampering on his property.

Many landlords are okay with modifications so long as they don’t involve breaking down the walls. Having put that out of the way, the next step would be to create the preferred interior layouts and designs. Here is how you can make the most out of your apartment space to meet your interior needs.DesignWhen you decide to improve your living space with an updated design concept, it is important that you search for your inner motivation as this is entirely your call. According to Gideon Sekiwano, an interior designer, this can be achieved by understanding your status, taste, character and preference.

He says, “The design should be up to date and trendy especially if you are looking out for the recent interior trends. This means that you may have to talk to a few experts as you build your design idea.”If you give the design ideas time and thought, he adds, they should be able to stand the test of time and stay relevant even after a long time. It will also be functional and appealing.While the amount of redesign you can do to a finished house is limited, there are endless possibilities once you delve deep into the specifics of interior design and décor, according to Aggrey Agbara, an interior designer.He shares, “Interior design is dependent on economics of how different items work in relation to each other such as lighting and fixtures working harmoniously and distances or space.

For instance it matters where the couch is positioned in the living room, or from the wall.”Agbara adds that the flooring space that is covered by the rags or carpets and how much space is not interrupted is put in play while updating interior design.For instance, you can ensure you can have the coffee set occupy the center space. You can also decide that nothing interferes with the center piece, which could be a fance coffee table or a console table by the wall.Agbara also tips homeowners to go wild with colours sometimes. He shares, “You should be comfortable with whatever colour you choose and be able to return home to a safe space with a choice that evokes feelings of happiness and a sense of perfection.”Away from the decorating and redecorating, you can consider temporary upgrades to some plumbing work.

This entails redoing the bathroom, getting a new showerhead, a sink, new lights, etc. Again, it is still worth asking your landlord before you take on any home upgrades to avoid any damages that cause fines and evictions.Social areas. While redesigning your space, try to focus on spaces that are most public like the living area and kitchen. Impressive interior design in these areas will ensure that you excite your visitors and make yourself happy in your home. When the details are well thought through, you will be proud of your efforts and hosting people at your apartment will no longer be such a hassle.“The sitting arrangement in the lounging area can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort.

The space should provide a high sense of comfort and peace of mind to the home occupants,” Sekiwano says.According to Agbara, social interactions are dependent on the accessories installed in a room.“One’s preferences vary from the type of furniture and lighting in a space which in return creates a moody or jolly feel of the environment hence enhancing a great sense of movement and interaction.”The experts believe that any interior redesign is subject to one’s ability. Investing time and thought into the design creation may help mean that your redesign is cost efficient and manageable.

According to Sekiwano, these costs incurred should be of great necessity and offer a range of benefits while serving the intended purposes.Steps to redesign Experts give these as some helpful steps to take to come up with a great redesign idea:

Step 1: Measurements.—– Take measurements of the spaces you intend to redesign, marking then out on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Natural lighting.—Find the source of the best natural lighting in the room to help you decide where to place electrical lighting.

Step 3: Centre piece— What will be the main attraction in the room? This will help inspire your choice of décor.

Step 4: Colours —Design experts advise that you keep the colors at three.

Step 5: Walls —–Brighter walls will make the room seem bigger if you contrast them with a white ceiling.

Step 6:  Furniture—–Furniture position can make or break a room. Try different combinations to see what works best.

Step 7: Electric lighting—–.Consider replacing hanging lights recessed ceiling lights, as they make the room seem bigger and nicer.

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