Edge leaves Heyman speechless after intense exchange on Talking Smack


You didn’t think Talking Smack was going to phone it in before WrestleMania 37, did you?

Well, they did, but just a little. The first ten minutes of Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman bantering around clips promoting this weekend’s big matches was entertaining, but not the “must see” stuff the blue brand’s post-show has come to be known for. Heyman was pushing Braxton to let him bring on their lone guest throughout, and when he finally got to go mic-for-mic with one of his client’s ‘Mania opponents, it lived up to the hype.

When Edge sits down, Paul sets the scene for Sunday night’s match. While reminding us it was Reigns who eliminated him from the 2020 Royal Rumble to prevent him from main eventing WrestleMania last year, he congratulates Edge on making his dream come true. The Hall of Famer compares how they both scratched and clawed their way into the business, and they both speak on the respect and affinity for one another they’ve developed across their years of working together (the words “SmackDown Six” are used, and Heyman’s line about Christian leaving for AEW is referenced).

It’s great stuff, and it leads to this exchange where Heyman hugs Edge, consoling both of them for how the Tribal Chief is going to end Edge’s dream at WrestleMania. He’s scared because he knows Edge won’t stop, and he knows he can’t stop Roman.

The Rated R Superstar takes a moment to collect himself, as he does a few times during this interview. The he touches his head to Paul’s, and whispers an account of his WrestleMania 22 classic against Mick Foley. And if he was willing to do that to prove he should main event on the Grandest Stage of Them All? What do Heyman, Reigns, or Bryan think he’ll do now that he’s reached it, and has a chance to claim his spot at the Head of the Table?

You were probably already gonna watch this tomorrow night, but I bet you’re a little more amped up for it after Talking Smack, aren’t ya?

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