Elon Musk’s former Chief Engineer creates new electric car, claims it’s better than Tesla

Tesla’s former Chief Engineer says his own electric car will be the fastest, longest-range electric vehicle on the planet.

Peter Rawlinson, an ex-Engineer at Tesla has created his self-driving Car called Lucid Air. The 169,000 dollars car is coming this spring and Peter claims that it is the fastest, longest-range electric vehicle on the planet.

10 years ago, Rawlinson engineered the Tesla model S. He feels so strongly that Lucid Air will become the world’s best electric car. This is the same feeling he had when he was the Chief Engineer for Tesla S and now we can see how the Tesla S has become mainstream.

According to Rawlinson. The “Dream” edition of the Air tops the S with an industry-leading 517 miles per charge, faster recharging, and the ability to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in just over 2 seconds.

He also plans to leverage the Air’s 1,080-horsepower propulsion technology—which he claims is the world’s most efficient—to power cheaper electric vehicles.

His five years plan is to sell hundreds of thousands of mid-$40,000 electric cars and also help big automakers sell $25,000 mass-market electric vehicles–the very same objective that his old boss, Elon Musk, is chasing.

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund owns two-thirds of Rawlinson’s company and that is where he intends to build his cars.

  • The Biden Administration is already making owning an electric vehicle a priority so as to reduce the use of fossil-fuel vehicles.
  • This new implementation has seen more automobile companies like General Motors making plans to produce only electric vehicles by 2035, Ford and Volkswagen also have aggressive plans to move away from fossil fuels.
  • The new wave of electric vehicles will expand the global supply for Electric vehicle parts as consumer interest rises. The first Air customers will take delivery this spring.


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