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FITC’s programmes are designed to deliver world-class learnings aimed at equipping individuals and organizations for business performance and growth.


In-depth knowledge and insights are essential in recognising the patterns driving change in today’s corporate world; from government regulations to industry best practices. This brings to fore the urgent need for extensive trainings which will help business leaders and organizations acquire a thorough understanding of the insights, policies, best practices and systems pivotal to corporate decision making. FITC, a world-class, innovation-led and knowledge-driven institution, has provided such trainings for decades with acclaimed success.

FITC’s innovative and technology-driven programmes are developed from insights acquired through extensive market research and designed to deliver world-class learnings aimed at equipping individuals and organizations for business performance and growth. The FITC Executive Education and Board Leadership programmes are two of such innovative range of learning solutions.

The Executive Education programme is designed to meet the learning needs of Senior Leadership of organizations such as Senior Managers, General Managers, Directors and C-suite Executives, seeking new avenues for sustainable growth in their organizations, while the Board Leadership programme is for Managers, Senior Executives, Directors, Non-Executive Directors, and Board Members of organizations across diverse sectors, in need of tested and trusted innovative insights into their respective industry’s best practices that improve board performance for sustainable organizational leadership.

“The Next Level of Corporate Governance: NCCG 2018 Compliance, Challenges and Reporting” is a Board Leadership programme scheduled to hold on the 26th & 27th of November 2020. This programme will examine today’s business volatility and growing regulations, and how management & boards can see beyond business as usual and lead with insight, transparency and efficiency, while being essentially equipped with requisite knowledge for proper Corporate Governance compliance, reporting and a deeper understanding of the NCCG 2018.

In like manner, the “CAMA 2020 and the New Corporate Governance Code: Emerging Issues, Perspectives and Implications on Board Performance” programme scheduled to hold on the 10th – 11th of December 2020 is aimed at providing boards and business leaders in the financial and non-financial services sector with clear insights into CAMA 2020’s similarities with and divergence from the New Code of Corporate Governance, analysis of the issues, perspectives and implications of the CAMA 2020 on business performance and growth.

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These programmes are part of the extensive resources provided by FITC to equip professionals and organizations with strategic tools that will enhance their competitive advantage and enable them stay ahead in their industries and with FITC Digital learning, you can have easy and convenient access to these programmes with just a click!

FITC is a world-class innovation-led knowledge and professional services firm, established in 1981, providing cutting edge knowledge-based solutions to clients within and outside Nigeria. Click here to learn more and enrol NOW!

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