Former WWE champs face off on (checks notes) Main Event


A critically acclaimed (by their co-workersanyway) feud between Ricochet and Mustafa Ali isn’t the only thing happening on Hulu.

a man doing a trick on a stage© WWE.comThis week’s Main Event taping also featured two former WWE champs throwing down, with Jinder Mahal picking up a win over Jeff Hardy.

Hardy hasn’t worked since a March loss to Miz on Raw. He’s reportedly been given time off after the death of his father, and this is what creative had for him when he got back, apparently.

Mahal was last seen on the Superstar Spectacle event WWE put on in January specifically for the Indian market. On that show, he teamed with Bollywood Boyz in a loss to Drew McIntyre and Indus Scher, a tag team that was briefly on NXT before one of its members (Saurav) posted a spoiler of the Great American Bash match between Adam Cole and Keith Lee for the NXT championship. On this week’s Main Event, Mahal was aligned with Saurav & his partner Rinku.

I wouldn’t consider either guy as “back” just yet. Mahal was rumored to be cleared before his Superstar Spectacle appearance, and went back on the shelf for four-and-a-half months after that. Hardy will probably be used more often, but his last win was on Jan. 2.

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