George Clooney remembers ‘effortless’ Carl Reiner in heartbreaking tribute 



George Clooney paid tribute to Ocean’s Eleven co-star Carl Reiner  George Clooney shared a poignant tribute to Carl Reiner following the star’s death, on Monday night. The Jerk actor died at his Beverly Hills home, aged 98, surrounded by his family. And Ocean’s Eleven’s George Clooney offered a devastating statement to his co-star. ‘Carl Reiner made every room he walked into funnier, smarter, kinder. It all seemed so effortless,’ he told Deadline.

What an incredible gift he gave us all. His was a life well lived and we’re all the better for it. Rest in peace my friend.’ News of Carl’s death broke today (30 June), with son Ron posting a short statement on Twitter. George described Carl’s talent as ‘effortless’ (Picture: Getty) ‘Last night my dad passed away,’ he wrote. ‘

As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.’ His assistant, Judy Nagy, confirmed that he died of natural causes. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood shared heartbreaking messages to the screen icon shortly after. Dick Van Dyke penned: ’My idol, Carl Reiner, wrote about the human comedy. He had a deeper understanding of the human condition than I think even he was aware of.  Tributes poured in for Carl from across Hollywood (Picture: Rex) ‘Kind, gentle, compassionate, empathetic and wise. His scripts were never just funny, they always had something to say about us.’ William Shatner tweeted: ‘Condolences to the family of Carl Reiner.

From the writers room of Sid Caesar to recreating those times for the Dick Van Dyke show,  ‘Carl was a master at his craft. I knew him only peripherally but it was a pleasure to have known him.

Mia Farrow said: ‘We lost a person who gave us great times-countless laughs. He was brilliant. And kind. I met him only once but will never forget his gentle thoughtfulness.  ‘He was with us through good times and hard times. Thank you Carl Reiner. His memory will be a blessing.’ ‘Goodbye to my greatest mentor in movies and in life. Thank you, dear Carl,’ Steve Martin added




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