Ginimbi left an instruction on how he wants his burial to be conducted – Sister, Juliet Kadungure



Juliet Kadungure, sister of late Zimbabwean businessman and socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure has revealed that he left an instruction on how he wanted to be buried.


Speaking to Herald, Juliet disclosed that her flamboyant brother who died on Sunday November 8, minutes after departing from a birthday party at his Dreams Nightclub, outlined the dress code and a guest list for his burial ceremony. He also demanded VIP tents and stressed that he wants a big funeral to reflect his “larger than life persona.”


Juliet is quoted by the newspaper as saying;


“Genius was a fun-loving character. He always reminded us about how he wanted his funeral to be conducted. In fact, he had a plan and always said ‘ndiri big’, so make sure on my funeral, you do not hurriedly bury me.

“Take time, planning for it. Check my requirements well and one of the things is that I want everyone who will be at my funeral to be dressed in all white, no matter who. Please, make sure you emphasise that, remember, I am an all-white guy. The all-white should be on the day of burial.”


According to the deceased’s other sister Nelia, the flashy entrepreneur who boasted an exquisite car collection worth over Sh150 million and a multi-million mansion in Harare’s upmarket Domboshava locale had invited two friends; Limumba Karim from Malawi and Elisha – a Mozambican, for the Saturday night party in honour of the birthday girl, Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Umali. The three also died in the Rolls Royce crash.


Nelia said;


“I did not meet the two who were involved in an accident with my brother. I only heard him saying he was going to Moana’s party with friends. The next thing I get a phone call that my brother was involved in an accident. I am still in shock and it is scary. I arrived at the scene and saw the remains of my brother and his friends. I am hurt.”

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