A she-goat named nanny has allegedly delivered a human-like creature in Kwara State.

The incident, locals claimed, happened last Wednesday at Adigun-Oke community, Ifelodun Local Government area of the state.

It was gathered that people trooped to the house where the creature said to have only its ears and hands with the semblance of a goat was birthed.

Wife of the goat’s owner, Aishat Umar, who spoke in Hausa language said that the wonder she-goat actually gave birth to two kids.

She added that one was a complete goat while the other was in human form, except for the ears and the hands.

Also speaking, a community leader, Pa James Adeoye, said that people were just rushing to see it, adding that one of the creatures had hairs all over the body like a goat while the second looked exactly like human being

He said it didn’t have hair all over its body, adding that it had teeth like human being and died shortly after it was delivered.

The goat’s owner, Umar, was said to have buried it as soon as he returned from his farm, while the nanny was busy taking care of the other kid.

The astonished community leader said no one in the community had ever witnessed a human being mating with the goat which might have given rise to such a strange situation.

Another resident, Lukman Onaade, said that the incident was surprising to every villager, as well as people from neighbouring communities, who, he said, thronged the community to witness the incident.

He said those, who had never known nor visited Adigun-Oke community came to the village following the incident to confirm if it was indeed true.