Guess what is the talk of the town, it is no other than the the 50th birthday of Princess Cynthia Andrew.Going by preparations on ground, the high society ladies and many of friends promise to make it the mother of all parties, despite the fact that she is doing everything to make sure it’s a very quiet one, strictly thanks giving  thanks to God in church according  to her.
Princess Cynthia Andrew by all standard is a successful business woman,  and a socialite of note.  The beautiful woman has her hand in so many things including fashion,  event planning, interior decoration and so many others.
Those who come in contact with her will attest to the fact she is always in the fore front of reaching out  to the less privileged and  she is  also a generous philanthropist.
 She is ever- ready smile laced with words of kindness warms the hearts of those that come across her. Her passion to help others is very evident through her lifestyle of service and great humility. Her love  to promote unity and help women  become better daughters, sisters, mothers and role models in the society is as a result of her fear and love for God
Princess Cynthia Andrew is a true style maven! The  fashion designer is one of the most fashionable women of her time. Her style depicts elegance and sophistication paired with a youthful twist that gives millennial #AsoEbiBella a run for their money.
The style slayer proves how timeless fashion is with a range of unconventional styles in her wardrobe, one we are definitely taking a cue from.
She is a stunning example that life starts at 50,  founder of princess unlimited sizes and piq total and has been listed as a Successful and most fashionable Women of style icon in both foreign and local media We’ve watched her slay everything from aso-ebi to pieces straight from the run way and brilliantly styled looks.
She is blessed with a wonderful family
Here are a few fashionable moments we love!
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