How can i get husband to stay erect after his orgasm??

Sad couple faces

My husband is great in bed, loved foreplay, and we have sex about every night. I love sex, and will do every and anything to please him. I have lately lost about 15 lbs, and feel better about myself, and have a new hunger for sex, lots of it, and longer sex. I figure, You only live once..why not get all you can out of it? My husband and I will do anything, oral, anal, and anything else we can think of, except 3 somes- the only problem is: after he ejaculates, he becomes flacid, and is physically and emotionally “through”. I orgasm, and consider the sex great, but have heard of these men taht can do it after orgasm for an hour or longer- how can my husband do that? I don’t want to masterbate after real sex,, it’s just not great or even good after having real sex, to use an object. I’ve read that he can masterbate beforehand, but don’t think he would either do it, or would have any intentions of having sex with me, after he just got off… any ideas/?

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