I am 38 years old and I wore glasses all my life. Before University, my vision was -2.00 in both eyes. I put glasses on and since that day they were stuck on my nose pretty much all the time. Later on, I started wearing contact lenses.

I got a job as an accountant and my eyesight got even worse. It went down to -3.00. Sometimes, I wore glasses, and sometimes, I replaced them with contact lenses. It was a vicious circle. Glasses made the bridge of my nose hurt, and focusing on various objects made me dizzy. Contact lenses made my eyes water, and on top of all of this, I got conjunctivitis. I was so fed up that I decided to go under the knife.


I was thinking of getting eye surgery but I kept putting it off because I was too scared. Fear paralyzed me and I didn’t know what to do. My friends and colleagues kept saying that it was a bad idea. Apparently, there was a way to restore vision without resorting to surgery. But for some reason, I didn’t want to listen to them. I thought it wasn’t real. They said that it was possible to dramatically improve your vision within 12-17 days. At that time, I didn’t listen to them.


One day, I was sitting with a cup of tea at a lunch break. I overheard my colleagues talking about how they were able to restore their vision without going under the knife. I realized that I was so obsessed with my upcoming surgery that I did not even notice that they all had stopped wearing glasses.

And here’s how they did it. A month before that, they were browsing online shops and found iFocus. This capsule was highly recommended by many bloggers. After reading the reviews they went ahead and ordered their capsule. The product arrived quickly and they paid for it on delivery. The results were incredible: Barbara had her vision improved from -2.50 to 1.00, Alicia went from +1.50 to 1.00, and Abigail went from -4.00 to -1.00 diopters. And they achieved these results in just 15 days, thanks to the capsule.

I clenched my teeth and thought that actually, I had nothing to lose and decided to go ahead and try it too. I placed my order and soon the capsule arrived by post.

It looks like an ordinary capsule. Using the capsule is very simple. All we have to do is take this capsule every other day with a glass of water. It is not time-consuming at all. It feels so good and soothing. The capsule comes with step-by-step instructions explaining what to do to restore your vision.


I started taking the capsule every day. Everything was simple and it didn’t take me more than 15 minutes a day. I took it every day for about 2 weeks…

Then I went to get my eyes checked and was utterly shocked

My vision improved from -3.00 to -1.00! A week later, it was 0.7 diopters! I was so happy. I went from -3.00 to 0.7 diopters in just 3 weeks! Can you believe this? IN JUST 3 WEEKS! I’m still in shock that I can see everything clearly now, without glare or blur.

Meanwhile, the healthcare system keeps ripping us off, making us pay for surgeries, glasses, and contact lenses… Because really, why didn’t my eye doctor recommend me to take this capsule? It’s easy to explain: he’s afraid of losing his patients.

Here is the website where I ordered the capsule. It is the only company officially authorized to sell iFocus. Its price is equal to 3 packs of contact lenses or 4 movie tickets. Decide for yourself if it is a lot of money or not, given how useless glasses and contact lenses are.

Guys, I hope my story will be of help to you and you will finally restore your precious eyesight.

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