How Mercy Aigbe betrayed my trust, slept with my husband, crashed my marriage – Oluwafunso Asiwaju


“As for you, Mercy, let us cut the crap. We were friends, but the shame and glam lifestyle will not let you admit it. You have been sleeping with Kazim since your son was only five months old.”

Oluwafunsho Asiwaju, the first wife of actress Mercy Aigbe‘s new husband, Kazim Adeoti, has for the first time opened up on the circumstances that led to her husband taking on a second wife.

Sources reported how the controversial actress confirmed her marriage to Mr Adeoti on January 23, 2022, his birthday eve.

After a series of speculations and keeping their relationships a closely guarded secret for years, the actress finally unveiled the filmmaker on January 24, 2022.

So while this is Aigbe’s third shot at marriage, it is Mr Adeoti’s second marriage.

Mr Adeoti is a father-of-four while his first wife, Oluwafunsho, who lives in Minnesota, U.S., is a notable fashion designer and owner of Asiwaju Couture.

Mrs Adeoti also alleged that the actress began sleeping with her husband when her (Mercy’s Aigbe’s) son, Juwon, was five months old.

Juwon is the product of Aigbe’s failed marriage to the famous hotelier and car magnate, Asiwaju Gentry.

Mrs Adeoti alleged that the actress was still married to her second husband, Mr Gentry when she began an intimate relationship with her husband (Mr Adeoti).

She disclosed this in a statement on Saturday morning, barely 24 hours after her husband and his new wife granted an infamous interview with Mediaroom Hub.

In the viral interview, Mr Adeoti, a famous Yoruba film marketer, said that he could marry another wife as a Muslim.


Also, contrary to public opinion, he added that the actress did not snatch him from his first wife and that he is married to his first wife.

Mrs Adeoti has, however, debunked his claims, saying that the new couple betrayed her trust.

Mrs Adeoti debunked claims by her husband that she had accepted the actress as a second wife, vowed that she would never accept a second wife in her marriage, and described the actress as his side chick.

The actress, despite criticism, continues to post loved-up pictures and posts of herself and her new husband.

Betrayal of trust

Mrs Adeoti said that despite being friends with the actress, she was a problem in her marriage. She also claimed that she introduced Mrs Aigbe to her husband “Adekaz”, and also invited her to his 40th birthday, which the actress attended with her ex-husband Mr Gentry.

“I introduced you to Kazim as my friend. I called and personally invited you and your ex-husband to the 40th surprise birthday party I did for my soon-to-be ex-husband,” Mrs Adeoti wrote.

“You were a constant friend of mine back then. I brought you close as a friend because I liked you, but you repaid me by sleeping with my husband, Kazim.


“As for you, Mercy, let us cut the crap. We were friends, but shame and your glam lifestyle will not let you admit it. You have been sleeping with Kazim since your son was only five months old.”

Contrary to what Mr Adeoti said during the interview, the mother of four said that she did not and will never settle to have a second wife in my marriage. She also hinted at the possibility of divorce soon.

“I’m done. He is all yours. Enjoy,” Mrs Adeoti said.

Mercy Aigbe reacts

Reacting to the accusations, the actress took to her Instagram story to respond to Mrs Adeoti’s allegation claiming she has constantly been lied against despite explaining her situation and telling her side of the story.

Her post read, “Some people say grant interviews, explain your side of the story, you say your truth to correct some false narratives out there, you owe it to people who genuinely love you.

“You grant, some other people say you don’t need to explain yourself. It’s your life, Do you. You are constantly lied to, and some other people say let it slide, do not react, don’t say a word, for peace’s sake.”

Infamous interview

The newly-weds, whose marital journey started from work and business partnership, have continued to speak about their controversial union.

The announcement of their marriage threw the social media space into a frenzy, and naysayers birthed several narratives. But the actress, in the interview, said she wasn’t surprised and pleaded with Nigerians to respect her choice as she is happy and not the first woman to be a second wife.

During the encounter with the Mediaroom hub crew, Mr Adeoeti addressed all the social media brouhaha, and according to him, as a Muslim, he is free to marry more than one wife at a time.

Mercy said, “Please, I want to beg Nigerians. I’m not the first person to be a second wife. It is my choice, and I’m happy with it. If you can be happy for me, be happy for me. If not, go and get busy. I am happy. Just leave me to enjoy my marriage, please.”

The actress also maintained that she married her husband for love, not his money. “I did not marry my husband for his money but because he is my best friend, and I love him. After my bad marriage, I decided to concentrate only on my career and children. But when he came into my life, there was so much joy and peace. He is a good man, and I tell him all the time, so when he proposed to me, I decided that I didn’t want to lose that beautiful experience.”


Mr Adeoti, on the other hand, also insisted that no one ‘snatched’ him from his first wife.

He said, “It is not true that they snatched me from my first wife. I am an adult, and I decided to marry Mercy of my own volition. Mercy and my first wife were never friends. My family is in the United States of America, and I shuttle between the U.S. and Nigeria because my business is in Nigeria.

“Some people think I am separated from my (first) wife because my family is not in Nigeria, but that is not true. We are good together. Although there were issues due to what was going on, everything is under control, and we are back to normal. I am a Muslim, and my religion permits me to marry more than one wife. So now, I am married to two wives. I have two beautiful women, and I’m glad. Everything is good.”

Internet never forgets

Before her messy divorce in 2017, the actress once ran a Youtube channel noted for controversial relationship and marriage tips.

In one of her YouTube videos, the controversial actress once advised young ladies not to fall in love with married men.

“If you are dating a married man, collect his money because that man is already married. Some stupid girls would be dating a married man, and they would be doing love. But, Sis, he is not yours. He belongs to another woman, don’t go and collect chocolates and flowers as a gift from a married man. If you do, your head needs to be re-examined.”

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