How to lock your pusy🙄?during sex🤪

What is pussy locking?
Don’t think pussy locking is when you close your vagina 😜. Pussy locking is the ability to make your pussy hold boy friend  or hubby’s penis tight during sex….🤪…
Let’s go…  .
Pussy locking is the process of drawing your pussy in internally, while your husband or boyfriend”s dick is inside of you, with your legs widely spread out, Locking your pussy will make your pussy to wrap his dick so well that it drives him crazy, he will be able to use his dick to touch all the walls of your pussy, lock up your pussy and allow his dick grip on.
The easiest way to learn and understand pussy locking is when you are urinating and try to stop the urine half way, you know how you hold the urine in with your pussy, that’s what pussy locking is.. It’s also known as kegel exercise!  now, try doing exactly that when your husband and boyfriend”s dick is inside of you, your husband  or boyfriend  will never get tired of fucking you.
This method also helps people that has loose vagina to feel the dick, no matter the size. You don’t need to close your legs for your pussy to be tight, because it won’t, you will just be fooling yourself😂 biko spread your legs and lock up your pussy for maximum pleasure..🙄🙄🤪🤪🕺🕺
Most a times when the penis is inside the vagina,if you still notice any looseness, withdraw and use cold water to wash up….i mean very cold one😍
It makes the vagina shrink in size…
And it reduces the level of secretions that comes out from the vagina….you will still be wet but at a moderate level…👍👍👍
Pussy locking is very necessary during sex
Happy weekend, enjoying yourself
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