I converted to Islam after pastors refused to bury my mother, says Liz Anjorin


Liz Anjorin, actress and filmmaker, says she switched to Islam because pastors refused to help with the burial rites of her mother.

The actress said she had to hurriedly bury her mother because she had asked not to be taken to the mortuary when she died.

“I could remember right from when I was a teenager, my mother used to tell me that she does not want her dead body to be taking to the mortuary when she dies,” Anjorin wrote in an Instagram post.

She said her mother was born into a Muslim family but they slept in the church “several times during the struggles so we are automatically Christians”.

Anjorin said no less than ten pastors refused to perform the funeral rites because her mother was not a member of their church.

The actress, who produced ‘Owo Nairabet’, said she was extorted by the coffin seller before her mother was eventually buried by 5am the next day.

“It was an Alfa that did the prayer for my mum. My thought was how can we treat ourselves in such a cruel way. Then a guy said if Mama were to be a Muslim, they would have buried her before I arrive.

“It was that day I realised that if you have money with no good savings or lands. You are a joker. Where you are buried, is where you will rest forever.

“The so-called Muslims were all over me and they stood by me. The 8 days prayer was done by Muslims. Right there, one of the Alfa called me and said to me ‘I heard you are the only child of Mama. Make sure you go to Hajj, talk to God and pray for your mother’.”

She added: “I never regret going to Hajj or being identified with Islam but I love my Christian brothers/sisters.”

Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca for adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable.

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